Here are some outrageous statements I'm making in order to keep our app alive even after the Twitter API monetization:

1️⃣Launch no matter what on 10th April
2️⃣Have at least 10 paying customers
3️⃣Contact upwards of 100 potential clients

Hoping for the best
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When you understand the Pareto principle, you'll understand that 80% of the outcome will come from only 20% of the actual work.

So focus down on the things that matter and start doubling them!

This will change the way you look at things!

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I've been consistent on Twitter for quite some time now and here is how it's helping me:

1️⃣Consistency: Showing up and doing my job every day

2️⃣Community: I've made numerous friends over time

3️⃣Accountability: I'm accountable to you guys

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Things I learned from our beta launch:

1️⃣Have everything scheduled/planned.
2️⃣No last-minute changes.

We did not think GITHUB would go down just before our launch! But it did!

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We already have the first few bug reports and feedback from users.🐛

It's time to get rolling!

Bug fixes are not always the most enjoyable part of product development. 😔

What do you guys think? 🤔

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How's you week going guys?

Any weekly goals that you have achieved?

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It's 10:30 in the morning and I found a bug. The DM feature is not working! 👀

What's going down? Spent at least 3 hours figuring out the bug, but no result.

I had given up all hope. One final thing I thought of doing was to re-login. And boom it worked 😭

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Seems like this wasn't a bug. Just tried logging in again and boom worked!💥

I think there is some problem with Twitter API keys, we need to find it and tackle it!

But till then all you need is to re-login.😂

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I've noticed a few bugs, that I'm going to fix now. I hope I can fix them before our users notice 👀

Every time I fix a bug it feels like an achievement!

Let's go! 🤌🏻✨

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It feels great when people are using your tool! 🙇🏻

I can see a few users already logged in to the app and scraping leads and sending DMs!

I hope it's helping them achieve their goals! Looking forward to your feedback!

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We have sent out the first few emails right away! Check your inbox and be a part of the beta! 📨

So excited and thrilled at the same time! Fingers crossed🤞🏻

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It's finally here! 🥳 AutoBird beta 🤌🏻

Though a lot of ups and downs, finally we are launching beta today!

The game plan is to start with a few users and slowly move toward 50 users!

Thank you, for the support, I hope you guys get your invite soon!

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We have sent out the first few emails right away! Check your inbox and be a part of the beta! 📨

So excited and thrilled at the same time! Fingers crossed🤞🏻

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How's your Monday going, guys? 👀

We have a big announcement coming out today! Had to complete a lot of tasks before this, but couldn't.

Need to get back to work 🤝🏻

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How do you guys manage user feedback and bug reports?

I came across this app called And I things it's good enough for the use case.

Do you guys have any other suggestions?

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Want to add people from a CSV file?

No problem 😏:

1️⃣Inside a list click upload
2️⃣Drag and drop your CSV file and hit upload
3️⃣Now select the column name that has all the user handles.

And boom! You got your list!

PS: The misaligned buttons though 🥵
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How much time do you guys spend on content creation? 🤔

I usually spend 1-1.5 hours.

This includes posting, engagement, and looking for inspiration.

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Now you can select leads and delete them from the list!

This took me some time to implement, but finally worth it watching it in action!

@Stefcodes sorry for removing you from the list! 🥺

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There will always unsolved problems! 🤷🏻‍♂️

While building @autobirdHQ, I've come across many problems and thought to myself, "Maybe this can be a product!" 💡

When you look around you there are ample problems. All you have to do is move fast and tackle them!
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What is a silly bug that you have spent hours debussing but realized was a misspelled property? 😅🤔

I had two properties: id and listId in a model. And instead of getting listId, I was using id 😭

Yeah, it was that basic 😭

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