Have you guys started posting on the other app as well? 👀

The app which must not be named is growing so quickly and I am getting FOMO.

What should I do? Should I start building an audience there as well?
Let's goooo, Martin!

Show some love #buildinpublic!

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#buildinpublic #indiedev
I have an idea for the LP!

I am consciously putting in some extra time in building the LP because:
1️⃣I absolutely love the process
2️⃣This can be a template that can be reused
3️⃣I am thinking of listing it on a marketplace

Take time with the things you enjoy!
How do you celebrate small wins?

Do you treat yourself or spend time with your loved ones? Let me in on the celebration! 🕺🏻

Do you watch productivity videos and be like, yeah I'll do this tomorrow?

Don't worry we are in the same boat!🚣🏻‍♂️

Do you think adding testimonials at this point is a good idea? 👀

I am thinking of adding a few testimonials, not necessary these are valid ones. But when I'll have a few people coming on the LP, maybe it'll convince them.🤷🏻‍♂️

What's your take?

The landing page is taking shape. I have updated the color theme as well as the content.

My target for today is to just complete the copy along with the design. Let's see how it goes!

Is it just me or are your views tanking as well? 🥲

I am not getting as many views as I used to get. Any specific reason?

If you guys haven't yet read the newsletter then what are you doing? 🥺

Here you go! Show some love!

Shared my first newsletter this morning! 🫡

Go give it a read and let me know your thoughts!

Let me know your thoughts! #buildinpublic…
My first newsletter is ready 🙃 My first long for of content for the #buildinpublic community!

I will be scheduling it to go out on Monday morning. So the first thing you guys must do on Monday is to read it and give me feedback.

Can I count on that?😌
Is anyone on threads? 🤔 I want to follow some folks from the #buildinpublic community.

Are you actively trying to build an audience there? Or just joined coz of FOMO?

My reason is the latter part 🙃
Last night I was completing the landing page. But then I realized that it didn't look as good as I imagined🥲So looked for some inspiration and now, I am redesigning it!

When will I learn to move fast! 🥲

But TBH these are the little things I truly enjoy!
Sometimes it's okay to watch a video on how to grow your MRR from $100 -> $10k when you don't even have a $10 MRR 🥲

This is motivation! 💪🏻

What do you think is the ideal number of DMs/day? 🤔

I think 10 can be a good number. What's your take?

Have you guys tried finding b2b leads on LinkedIn? I am not sure how to do it.

I want to contact businesses that are not too big or small. Maybe small to mid-sized. I want to pitch them my product.

Any suggestion? I'd love to chat and discuss this!

@sisidotdev Same here. I have just joined it but won't be active there as of now. My main reason is, a lot of my friends follow me on insta and I don't want be posting about #buildinpublic there.

Coz it's irrelevant to them and I'd get a sever imposter syndrome 🥹
Recently I am seeing a lot of videos saying how Threads can destroy Twitter. It took threads just 1 hour to reach 1m users 😵‍💫 Just for context, it took ChatGPT 5 days to reach the same mark.

Have you guys started using Threads?

Got some valuable feedback for the LP copy last week. Here is what I have learned:

1️⃣Keep the heading short and simple.
2️⃣Answer a problem right at the top.
3️⃣If you can add a short video -> GREAT!
4️⃣Sell solution/benefits, not features

Goals for today:

1️⃣Send 10 cold DMs
2️⃣Schedule calls with some prospects
3️⃣Complete LP copies.

Let's see how long can I go 🫡