I am building my SaaS app entirely in public using a @bubble

Excited to see how it turns out and what I'll learn along the way!…

I am building a Better Advanced Twitter Search in public. πŸš€

I will be posting updates to this thread daily.

Follow along to see me build it using @bubble

A thread 🧡
See me build in @bubble

I will be sharing the process daily from jan 9th.

Let's get started.

Tryin to cook something new πŸ§ͺ

Stay tuned...

Almost 3 weeks since the launch of @NocodegigsHQ

41 amazing no-coders registered on our platform πŸ₯³

All without any paid marketing.😎

#buildinpublic #nocode
Created a new link preview image for @NocodegigsHQ

According to me its πŸ”₯

What do you all think?

#buildinpublic #NoCode
10 Days since the launch of @NocodegigsHQ

We are getting the highest traffic from the United States.

Organic traffic is growing day by day.

Next Priority Target = βœ… Getting more users to list new Gigs.

New journey = New profile

πŸ”₯ Updated cover image
🀟 Updated profile image
🀩 Updated bio

@nocodelife #buildinpublic is the best marketing an indie maker can make..
This is What's the real meaning of #buildinpublic means..
Startup idea: build an audience and a community before building a startup.