So I joined @_buildspace NIGHTS & WEEKENDS

My Ideas: I really like the idea of @_buildspace providing NFT for completion of their course I want to make it simple for anyone to do the same with


attending wksp #1 -- @FarzaTV
Day 4 of #buildinpublic so far 1pm

crating logo for @spinwheelpopups

this is what i made what do you think?
Day 3 of #buildinpublic: Started working on the web app from where the user can create these widgets and get the code to be added to the website

I am so rough will improve

Ps: Also went to play football after many years so was a fun Saturday
Day 2 of #buildinpublic: - Build backend to fetch data from the database to personalize the widget for the user and design how the app will look and database structure
Day 1 of #buildinpublic: - Build a demo of the widget, build frontend

this also took some work from the previous day.

Twitter account: @spinwheelpopups
New feature on #LinkedIn 👀

You can now add a CTA button that redirects to your website at the top of your profile.

1. Click on edit profile
2. Add your URL and conversion text
3. Done ✅

How to get GDPR complaint?

want to add it to the website landing page for better conversions

which domain will you choose for a website widget

.io or .app ?

delayed so much time trying to figure out the scalable option when I do not have even 1 customer for this

going with the option good for the next 4-5 months and will improve later

GTFOL @_buildspace

Going to launch one micro saas this month 🤞 wish me luck I started on it yesterday 😄

Going to launch one micro saas this month 🤞 wish me luck I started on it yesterday 😄

Anyone have used Bing £75 Ad Credit ? Thinking to give it a try

I have it for multiple apps now

I am part of @_buildspace NIGHTS & WEEKENDS 🥳

it's a 6-week sprint with 100 other devs to build & SHIP my passion web3 project.

looking forward to connecting with fellow builders and building awesome stuff 😀

thanks @FarzaTV #buildinpublic
to see the total impact all my apps are making I check usage section of @vercel 😄

how to know if I should optimise something?

this usage is for html, css,js webpages

blurweb website visitor asked a question, and I made a video response.

Hide Google sheet Columns during screen share

How is your day going so far?

I built an app to send SMS 💬 from google sheets
1 year ago ⏳

Yesterday I got My first Subscriber 🤑 paying $6/month

The fact someone is using my SaaS gets me excited 🤩

Next Steps:
- Add Automated Onboarding Emails
- Get Feedback

#buildinpublic just keep building 🎶
I want to know how many hours of work you are putting in every day, i take few hours rest and it becomes hard to cross 8 or 9 hours🥲

i am looking for list of marketplace i can build apps for?

I can spend all day in my gmail need to improve this

i hope i could use #dall-e to create logo for my apps

can someone share some thankyou page after you pay for the saas?

looking for inspiration, @BrandBirdApp @testimonialto