Had a package hoisting issue where it was nested within other packages. Tried to debug it for hours. Versions seems to match. yarn.lock confirms

Turns out the mismatch was 4 levels deep 🥹. Finally found it cause I navigate from a good known position each step #buildinpublic
Spent the entire day today upgrading to React 18 (Not finished yet). Oh man, I didn't know what I signed myself up to.

The problem is: Many libraries also needs to be updated to support React 18 so you're forced to update many of them at once 💀
I'm focusing on sync to Github Issues for my pivot. Finally done with the read and delete of the CRUD 🥳

It took some time to do but that's fully expected since I'm aiming to have a 2 way sync. A lot of intricacies and things to test! #buildinpublic
Last week, I quit my job to focus on @RecallLab. Today marks the end of the first week.

There's lots of things to do! I've decided to pivot so there's a bunch of coding work. Won't forget the business side as well. Learned my lesson from my first attempt 😄 #buildinpublic
Finally setup an automatic database backup for @RecallLab 🎉. Now I can confidently #buildinpublic 😗