Question: What is my IP address? Answer: I built my own tool on so I don't neet to use sites with ads, trackers and annoying popups anymore. to check your and all other IPv4 addresses. #buildinpublic #php #laravel #bootstrap #ubuntu
5 things I have learned about HTML5 audio, m4a files, macOS screen reader and spelling alphabets on my latest side project: #html #webdev #audio #macos #buildinpublic
Stumbled into a gradient rabbit hole yesterday and thought it would be nice to have my own gradient utility. Some hours later there is a new free web util nearly ready for deploy. #buildinpublic #utilhost
First impressions of a youtube player with command line interface. #buildinpublic
Every day new knowledge gets available for free. Best original sources for online documentaries in a clean interface without ads, banners, overlays. Just how it should be. #buildinpublic
@mattli8020 Every win is a win! I have now 53 free web utils online. All startet with one simple thing: /timestamp for converting unix timestamps to human readable. #buildinpublic #stepbystep #learnstuffeveryday