Why are the websites of VCs in the USA so much more snazzier than those in the UK #buildinpublic
B2B startups... How did you calculate your TAM, SOM etc? #buildinpublic (What tools/ places did you go to?)
Looking to get to know more martech / adtech startups... #buildinpublic - know any?? πŸ€”
AMAZING Op #BuildInPublic
Our new Accelerate programme is designed for founders raising a seed round. Join to,

πŸ’° Increase runway & reduce burn
πŸ“ˆ Learn what metrics really matter
βš–οΈ Prioritise product roadmap
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Founders Camp by @the_hotbed_co kicking off with the Founder of @what3words Chris Shedrick sharing how he came up with the concept. #buildinpublic
@elonmusk putting everyone in the #buildinpublic hashtag to shame with his Twitter updates.
Morning folks!
βœ… Stretch done
βœ… LI Weekly Video Published
βœ… Prep for demo call (In progress)
πŸ€– Reply to an enquiry email
πŸ€– Review outline for client newsletter
πŸ€– Send 2nd blog post on HB session
πŸ€– Data checks
πŸ€– Outreach x5
πŸ€– Go to Wakanda!
Morning folks!
βœ… Stretch done
βœ… Call with a business prospect
βœ… Checked LI and commented
πŸ€– Need to email video edits over
πŸ€– 5 calls today (few clashes)
πŸ€– Reach to prospects for lives
πŸ€– Check posts for publishing
πŸ€– 3-course meal later woop
Weekly business update on @the_hotbed_co accelerator - DONE βœ… #buildinpublic
Founders don't have time to be ill
My To Do list is getting ridiculously long

A FREE 10-week programme for women-led startups worldwideπŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸš€. Build - scale - fundraise. Link below - check it out! #buildinpublic

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A good startup founder is a good tweeter
(take from this what you will)
#buildinpublic #startups
If you really don't want to do something - but you realise it's the only way to get the edge over your competitor - and they are now creeping on your turf and better just fcking do it.

Video content coming next week #buildinpublic #screaminpublic πŸ˜‚
The question we need to ask #BuildInPublic... how many fundraisers is too many? And whose got the most?
How many fundraises is too many fundraises? Which startup wins the award for most fundraises? Today we investigateβ€¦πŸ”
I need Mick Lynch on my company board - agree or disagree with him- the guy is a weapon #buildinpublic
If you are in B2B you wish you were B2C
B2C and you wish you had software
Software and you wish were consulting
Consulting and you wish you had a digital product
Digital Product and you wish you were a life coach

Hard rule no exceptions. #buildinpublic
I think I have PTSD from experiences with past developers. My current developer has done nothing to deserve the amount of anxiety I feel speaking to him. Anyways shout out to @planning4thebe1 who helped me work through some tough moments. #buildinpublic
To freemium or not to freemium. That is the question πŸ€” #buildinpublic #saas
It's #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek2022 - Founders, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers how are you doing? It can be hard to keep motivated and on top of things. How are you feeling?