I am thinking to build a Sass product,

So should I build my product
with #nocode or do I code it myself?

any suggestions?

I divided my day into 3 parts:

Morning : Develop & ship

Afternoon : Create content and research & small break

And the rest of the day goes with designing on figma and miscellaneous.

What are you guys doing?
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Such a valuable post!
Indie hackers should start writing online!

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Finally found the time to finish the second part of my blog post trilogy. Here are some business-focused lessons I learned after one year of full-time indie hacking:…

I hope that some of you find something valueable in it 🙏🙂

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do you guys write online?

let's share some knowledge!

Drop your links here👇

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@JustinQuda @JoinQuda I started to write on Twitter consistently
this helped me to learn how to write and be more creative about it

and met a lot of new people so grateful 🙏

Tips for Sass founders to get your first user

Write content every day (even not as a founder)
Give value for free

let's say
Monthly -20 posts
Yearly -240 posts
now calculate the traffic🪄

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Here's how my week went :

Here are 5 main things
1. Created my content OS
2. Joined gym
3. Started A newsletter
4. Desing for my sass in progress
5. Started drinking 4L wtr/day

Feeling good ✌️
How's your week going?

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Biggest mistake I made

Starting new things when I haven't finished older ones

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adding a canva design and some text to make a logo! super easy!

Just took 3 mins!

how does it look?
Why do you want to become a developer?

Me: I want to build my own stuff and help others!

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Building a sass #buildinpublic

As a self-taught dev, I want to feed on the latest tech and news around the world
so I used to surf around it takes a lot of time

My idea is to collect all those top articles in one place and provide the best content in one place