I am listening to "B2B SaaS marketing snacks" from #kalungi to get a lot of insights and ideas.

Thank you @stijnh1 and Mike Northfield for doing your podcast 🙏🏻

Being a technical founder, doing marketing is the most challenging part of the journey.
Integrating #crisp for customer support.

Because #shopify apps are in an iframe, the chat widget is not working on Safari and iOS.

We have to put a link on the help page to go directly to the #crisp support page.
Starting it from backward. We have an awesome product with great added value.

Lesson learned.

Now we should define an even greater USP and define the target audience that will benefit the most from the product.
We are starting to implement @segment at Fuze. No more multiple service integrations. #buildinpublic
Just finished Sprint 12 on our #shopify app - Fuze.

We are aiming to help sustainable brands to grow.

I'm about to start the challenge #buildinpublic 💪🏻