Twitter #buildinpublic can be quite cluttered and noisy. So with ChangeLog, a place dedicated just for builders and building, we hope to help you focus on the goal at hand and turn that startup into reality!
"Stealth startups" are companies that operate in a state of secretiveness while those built in the open are called “transparent startups”. Both have their pros&cons but in this day and age, people appreciate accountability. Start your #buildinpublic journey with ChangeLog today!
Why #buildinpublic? Builds trust.

You’ll be building a strong connection with your audience which increases the chance of their help in the future, them becoming recurring customers, and their recommendation of your product/service to others.
In case you missed it, you can start your ChangeLog journey absolutely FREE! Our Basic plan is perfect for starters who are still testing the waters and would love to give#buildinpublic a go.
Why #buildinpublic? Get feedback early.

Since you’re building a channel wherein you can communicate with support groups and customers, you’ll be given feedback on your ideas, designs, strategies, and more.
Building in public is the main acquisition channel for many startups. If you’re ready to share your wins, struggles, learnings, anecdotes, and more, then #buildinpublic is for you!
The #buildinpublic journey is far from rainbows and butterflies and at times, you may feel lost. Building in public takes so much time, attention, effort, and of course consistency. Keep moving forward!
#buildinpublic is a movement. Find an audience but also make connections with fellow builders. Sounds exciting, right? Join us here in ChangeLog!
What is your primary reason to #buildinpublic? Or what stops you from doing so? We’d love to hear your thoughts!
#buildinpublic is big on Twitter, we know, but over time tweets can get cluttered. Change Log helps get rid of irrelevant content so you and your audience can focus on your project’s progress instead!
When you #buildinpublic, you stay accountable and will be pushed to make progress on your project. It’s like going to the gym and getting a trainer. Someone will be there to checkup on you and cheer you on your workout!
Change Log is not only a platform to post updates on, you can also meet like-minded people who #buildinpublic, too! You can discover projects before they launch and even make new friends with fellow builders.
We're very close to launching the new version of Changelog, and implementing new features such as the Twitter Integration. They should be done in a few days, and we're excited to show them to you! #buildinpublic
How is your #buildinpublic experience? Let us know! We love hearing from you and getting to know you more!
Should you #buildinpublic? It's definitely not for everyone but building in public helps your audience to understand your why (the ideas behind your product), before your what (your actual product). That transparency can turn viewers into customers and customers into fans.
Ever wondered how this works? Here's a quick visual of what your ChangeLog journey will look like. Meet and interact with like-minded people who also #buildinpublic without the Twitter clutter.
Building in public means sharing stories by being transparent and authentic. It's time for you to let the world hear your voice and witness your brilliant ideas. Join the the founders who #buildinpublic in Changelog now and let the world witness history in the making!
Why You Should #buildinpublic: Transparency Is An Emerging Trend

“94% of all consumers are more likely to be loyal to a brand when it commits to full transparency.” -
It’s finally Friday today. What are your plans for the weekend? Relax or #buildinpublic?
ChangeLog helps startup founders build in public in an organized way. You can share your startup's journey to the world, as well as be inspired by fellow entrepreneurs by seeing their projects. #buildinpublic #buildinginpublic #saas