🚅 From model to dynamic physics objects in ~5 seconds* with V-HACD for web ⚡

*Results may vary 😜

Model used: Zombie Car from…

#buildinpublic #rapier #r3f #physics
🚧 Will add an export for Rapier code (React Rapier + JavaScript or TypeScript)

🚧 Bugs to fix first before deploying the new version for you all to try out.

I will post again once it is ready & deployed!
*Updates to V-HACD for web*
👉 Try it now:
✅ Button to export JSON for approximated convex hulls, so you can use with Cannon and #Rapier #physics.
I'll provide docs to help you use this JSON data soon.
✅ Improved UX, control labels, etc.