I'm too tired from getting text messages about things that I need to do, from my wife.
Thinking about create a small app that creates todo lists with everything (maybe an automation process from text messages to list item?).
Another idea for #buildinpublic
Read and post tweets while working -
Helps me to think and gives me the push that I need (thanks to #buildinpublic ).
But, on the other hand, sometimes I find myself just scrolling without any meanings.
I just talked with an entrepreneur that has a #SaaS in the same field that I'm interested in.
The first sentence that he told me:"After 4 yrs, and thousands of $, I'm shutting the website down".

This is the ugly part of the #startup world.

It's time to create a short video for my #sidehustle project.
What is the best platform to create one?
My office for today.
Let's hope that the book will inspire me, to finish my landing page for my new #sidehustle project (which is of course #nocode product).

What is your favourite place?