Flotion builders can now submit to Showcase... which is also just went live today.

If you're a Flotion member, you'll now see a 'Showcase' tab in your member dashboard on

Looking forward to sharing your creations 💡

First Flotion update package went out to builders yesterday 📦 A recap:

🎁 + 12 new components
♟ Frameworks toggle menu added
🛣 Start any new Flow from Customer Journey Map template
🧹 Minor fixes and cleanup to databases and relations

Updated the Components Library to include a❤️ counter and filters using @Jetboostio... have to say, their tutorials for setting up new Boosters are a delight (especially for a noob such as myself)

Recreating some classic frameworks in @NotionHQ:

- Business Model Canvas
- S.M.A.R.T Goals
- Eisenhower Matrix

Almost feels like these were always meant for a multi-page linked canvas like Notion, not a Doc/Sheet with 4 bullet points each... 🤔

Announcing new stuff feels better when everyone you're announcing it to gets an upgrade in the process.

Not sure if there's a name for that product strategy ('ever-upgrading tiers'), but if so, I'm a fan.

Flotion Memberships are now live 🥳

(Which also means that Components Memberships have turned 100% free, forever🎁)

Flows Showcase coming soon 👀

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The struggle of making tutorials for your own indie products:

You already know how it works too well.

Hopefully just doing a short video on every feature/section will cover it🤷‍♂️

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Flotion Tutorials are here 🎉

Hoping these 2-5 minute mini-lessons will be a good way to digest key concepts.

But not too much to slow you down as you explore the framework on your own.

Flotion ships to Pre-order customers tomorrow😎

Decided to rebrand 'the Landmark Editor' as 'Flotion'.

Certainly stickier, although only time will tell if it wasn't too impulsive of a change 😅

Introducing: Flotion 🎉

Notion superpowers, without the jedi training.

Now available for pre-order.

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Here's a mini calculator tool to help answer, 'Is it worth my time to build a digital product?'

Takeaway: if you have consistent traffic + content people engage with + can package together top highlights in a week (or w/end): then yes, it's probably worth it.

Is it worth building a digital product?

Here's a calculator to help find:

1. A minimum viable price;
2. Product lifetime;
3. Cost (in time) to build it;
4. Monthly rev. & profit;
5. Lifetime rev. & profit; and
6. Ultimately, if it's time to productize!
Sounds simple, but staying focused on the right things, depending on where you are, can make all the difference.

Personally, I'll be investing in content (likely tediously) for the coming weeks.

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Ask yourself before creating something digital:

1. Is it useful?
a) To whom?
b) How so?

2. Will that use (value) last/accumulate?
a) For how long?

3. Can you be proud to put your name on it?
a) Do you tell your friends?

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To the creators, freelancers and solo business builders out there: What would you want to see added to this #notion budgeting template?

Accounting is a pain for solo businesses. Any good setup has to address two main priorities:

1. Give you a clear view of your financial position, at a glance;
2. Make it as easy as possible to log new data.

Working on a solution, can view the Beta here:…