Tweet update on @pioneerdotapp:

59 new users (2 weeks)
data model refactor (workspace concept)
started with UX/UI update team (4 month goal)
fixed issues with @WhatsApp and @SlackHQ syncing
updated contact API fro……

#buildinpublic update on @pioneerdotapp:

huge week for backend fixes
syncing reliability ⬆︎close to 100% and super fast
items showing in filtered views and prioritized ⬆︎
one click to see content filtered by contact

#buildinpublic… update on @pioneerdotapp:

15 new users (3 paid)
7 user interviews
@WhatsApp poc
@Zoom and @Google meet deployed
✅ keyboard shortcuts defined
✅ 2 email outreach campaigns
completed 28 tickets (🐞 and fe…

#buildinpublic… progress update on @pioneerdotapp:

🎓 Kickoff with @Harvard Product Lab
7 in person user demos
sent first @sendwithloops campaign
updated and clarified hover/quick action buttons
optimized activity feed…

just kicked off email campaign with @sendwithloops in under 2 minutes
excited to see the results

@SethiShakun go for it
sign up for annual plan @ and use promo code Shakun
reply to this tweet with your feedback

lets #buildinpublic progress update on @pioneerdotapp:

🎨 colors and UI revisions deployed
💰 new capital raised
📲 mobile refinements
✅ upgraded all users to new code
✅ persistent filters
✅ 8 user interviews

I'm learning you can't please everyone...although we will definitely try!!
#buildinpublic update on @pioneerdotapp:

✅ unified 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 page
✅ 22 new users
3 GenZ Advisory Board Members
mobile v.1 deployed and tweaked
slack RTM - 85%
hover buttons and platform icons for mobile ✅
>75% code coverage ...

awesome #Standup with @JeremiahChurch_ today
contacts detail page
connected items
agenda UI for Loops

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