Thank you all for joining me on this thrilling journey. Your support means the world. Now let's celebrate this milestone and get ready for more #buildinpublic
1/ We did it! cue celebratory dance The moment has finally arrived. drumroll My first template is officially DONE! . Well , sort of. Yes, my friends, we made it happen. The CMS page is sorted, albeit with some learning curves. 🎉✨ #BuildInPublic
1/ We're on Day 6, and the finish line is within reach! Everything is nearly complete, except for the CMS-enabled pages. But before we get into that, here's a demo of the progress so far. Check it out! #BuildInPublic
1/ The weekend has come to an end, and it's time to tackle the big challenge—the landing page! Today, I focused on creating a captivating homepage that provides potential customers with a complete overview of the company. Let's dive into the progress made! #BuildInPublic
1/ Another day of the challenge, and despite a tight schedule, I managed to squeeze in an hour to work on the project. Today, I focused on creating a quick Process page. While it may appear a bit empty at the moment, I'll revisit it later for further improvements. #BuildInPublic
1/ After analyzing various websites, I decided to simplify the structure to 5 pages: Home, About, Projects, Journal, and Contact. Today, I focused on creating the Projects/Portfolio page first. Starting here gives me a clearer vision of the project. #BuildInPublic