I absolutely can't wait to launch the Expert Advisors Directory. The quality of Experts is beyond my wildest imagination. Literally the best in the region. Let's aim for next Sunday. #BUILDINPUBLIC
Advisors who filled the form: 14
Applicants quality: the best in MENA. With diverse experience from idea stage startups to IPOs.

Can't wait to launch the directory.
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Yesterday I made a post, a call for business consultants, financial advisors and lawyers to work with startups on their investment readiness. Here are the results since I am building Exits in public:
Post views: 3,700
Website visits for the join page: 94 users
Just sent Exits' September newsletter. Let's see how this one goes!

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2. Creating a referral program. The more you refer subscribers the more gifts you get. Probably I will start with offering my time rather than actual gifts. Things like advice or exclusive content. #buildinpublic
I am thinking of the only metric that matters for Exits nowadays. Laser focused OMTM is crucial for startups especially in early days. Ours is subscribers either buyers or sellers. Our roadmap to grow this is 1. Distributing content across all social networks #buildinpublic
We are 9 days into September, Exits made so far 10% user growth month over month. Can't wait to send the September newsletter on the 15th. #buildinpublic #startups
In the next issue for I will be running the following experiments:
1. Adding more charts will provide more engagement to the newsletter
2. Having companies that are worth more will encourage more entrepreneurs to list their businesses
Thinking of doing a podcast or a webinar series to bring in #entrepreneurs who actually built and exited their companies in the Middle East. I believe talking about Exits can really make more people believe that this is possible #buildinpublic #exits
A lot of exciting features are in motion. Let's see how September plays in. #buildinpublic
Since I launched my initiative Exits and my belief to #buildinpublic I wanted to share August achievements:
1. 35,000 post views' on my Linkedin profile
2. 630 website visitors
3. 189 buyers and 20 sellers subscribed
4. 68% first email open rate
5. 15 leads
We got 630 visitors to our website last month. Lets see what happens in September.

At the beginning of every month I will be posting a call for founders to list their businesses on . Please share amongst your friends and colleagues. Together we will make selling businesses a common practice.

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2nd reason you should sign up to is we cut the fluff and present you key metrics that matters saving you time and effort when assessing an opportunity.
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Celebrating an important milestone. 200 buyers and sellers to our platform. Wohooo
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Day 30 #buildinpublic I am overwhelmed with the traction I am getting. 200 sign ups. 30k+ LinkedIn posts views.
What I love about Exits is that there's a very clear path to growth. The only metric that matters is number of subscribers. Any experiment I am running is very easy to know it's success or failure. Today was a fail unfortunately. Let's see what tomorrow brings us. #buildinpublic
With Exits I am trying to prove a point. In this day and age you can go so far with very little time. Tools are taking for marketing and tech are now so advanced that you can simply create something decent easily. #buildinpublic
Just got the first expert advisory lead now. Wohoooo #buildinpublic #exits #valuation
First newsletter stats are amazing. 58% open rate. 3 leads. Great start. #buildinpublic #Growth #exits #startups