Day 7 of #100DaysOfBusiness & #BuildInPublic

Didn't do much. Created 2 client personas for 2 potential clients who didn't pay the onboarding fee yet.

I wanted to test if giving free stuff to clients who said "Yes" will make the process of closing them easier.
Day 6 of #100DaysOfBusiness & #BuildInPublic

I realized I’m not progressing fast enough toward my goals. I was supposed to create 3 client personas for my clients but only did 1.

I also need to start taking payments on the phone instead of sending an invoice by email and wait…
Day 5 of #100DaysOfBusiness & #BuildInPublic

After 6 meetings this week, I finally closed my first 2 clients for my agency.

I wanted to share some insights from this experience:

Here's how to get your first 5 agency clients (GUARANTEED) 👇
Day 4 of #100DaysOfBusiness & #BuildInPublic

After 3 months with 0 meetings, today I booked 10 meetings in one day.

The only 2 secrets were the volume (sending 100 emails every day) and trying many niches at once.

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Day 3 of #100DaysOfBusiness & #BuildInPublic

One of the best business advice I learned from @AlexHormozi is to focus on volume!

So last week, I reached out to +350 business owners through email for my lead gen agency. Guess what? Got 3 meetings booked for this week so far!
Day 2 of #100DaysOfBusiness & #BuildInPublic

Not so much today. Just launched a new campaign containing 300 leads to test a new offer.

I'm so optimistic about this one.
Day 1 of #100DaysOfBusiness #BuildInPublic

Just collected 500 emails, cleaned them, and ended up with 330 cleaned leads that I'm going to start contacting tomorrow.
I'm going to share my journey here on Twitter day by day starting from today.

The challenge starts today, June 9th, 2022, and ends on September 17th, 2022.

The journey will be shared under these hashtags: #buildinpublic and #100DaysOfBusiness
One of the most valuable business lessons I learned last year is the importance of having an audience when building a startup. That’s why I decided this year to #BuildinPublic