Hey #buildinpublic is Swift Playgrounds newest update a good enough source for coding apps in replacement of XCode, since I have an iPad but not a Mac. Curious what the folks who know think.
Hey #buildinpublic community. Specifically the coders. What do you like to code iOS apps in? Swift? Javascript? Objective-c? The more details the better
#buildinpublic Help me out.
Tech consultation and support company. I need a name. Services will include, IT, AV, Home Theater, Small Business IT Consultation, remote help, in-person help. Basically, if it plugs into a wall, we can recommend it or fix it. No Geek/Nerd names.
Brainstorming is hard. Trying to decide if I want to build a webapp or mobile app for building PCs or selecting any form of consumer electronics that fit budgetary limits and use-case. I’m at the stage where I have ideas, but don’t know what the first step is. #buildinpublic