Pretty crazy when someone Tweets about the exact idea you have been building: even better that both @edrick_dch & @gid_dev tagged me in this tweet. Thanks, guys! #buildinpublic
Startup idea:

- Give access to a YouTube channel
- A software analyzes most viewed moments on videos
- They are imported into an easy-to-use video editing interface
- User edit and cut to create short videos
- Export to TikTok formats

Creators would pay a lot for this tool 🤑
This clip from a recent @thedankoe video was chosen and clipped by AI with no additional editing by a human. Want to try it out? Visit:

#buildinpublic #ai #TikTok #GPT3 #MachineLearning
Do you do outreach on Twitter via DM / Replies to try and sell a product? #buildinpublic
Finally pulled in #GPT3 into the algorithm for today. Specifically using it in a way to improve performance on podcasts. #buildinpublic
@j_starte Thank you for hosting this! It was great 🍻 #buildinpublic
I made some improvements over the weekend that allows to work better with podcasts. Great way to start the new year #buildinpublic
In the MagiTok discord I made a channel for possible future features. Help me decide what would be best to work on next by adding reactions to what would be most useful for you! #buildinpublic

I picked up Twitter towards the end of 2022 and have already made more connections here than any other platform. Excited to keep networking with the awesome community here in #GoodBye2022 #buildinpublic
What are you working on that you're most excited about? (could be a feature, new initiative, etc.) #buildinpublic
Now to make a TikTok ad for my software that automatically turns YouTube videos into TikToks 🤯 #buildinpublic
I just released the first version of pro! It allows you to make 1080p+ clips with no watermark. You can use the code `EARLY50` for 50% off your first month or year (if you decide to pay yearly) #buildinpublic
The initial pro version for is in the works and will be here soon. Initially, it will offer clips with no watermark and higher resolution. More features will be coming shortly after the launch. #buildinpublic
If you haven't tried the @stripe extension for @Firebase to spin up a paywall you need to. It really doesn't get much better than this! #buildinpublic
My last blog post is outperforming all of my previous ones significantly. This is a reminder to make sure to share your blog posts on channels that already have traffic #buildinpublic
If you want to learn about how and why I built an #AI / #MachineLearning model for MagiTok check out my most recent blog post! #buildinpublic…
Here is a fun MagiTok example from #paddythebaddy's vlog that shows both AI-Generated & Most Replayed clips! #buildinpublic…
I run a small @tiktok_us account to prove works! It just passed 200 followers and our top video has over 15k likes! #buildinpublic
I am getting ready to do a full marketing focused week for drop a comment with the one action you do that drives your most traffic / sales and your business! #buildinpublic