We have had 4 @cigarmastermind weekly newsletters now all with over a 50% open rate! They are just going to keep getting better as we get closer to launch. We also include a dev update section every week so you can see our progress! #buildinpublic
@cutsclothing should run a masterclass on how to build a die-hard community. I have never seen so many guys excited about clothing and drops before it is amazing. #buildinpublic
I have been working on the authentication system for @CigarMastermind and almost have it wrapped up. Excited to get past the basics and onto more interesting things with this project #buildinpublic #cigars
Our @CigarMastermind email list just passes 100 subscribers. We can’t wait to share our platform with all of you very soon. Keep an eye out for our next weekly newsletter this Thursday! #buildinpublic #cigars
Our first weekly newsletter for @CigarMastermind was a huge success! Really excited about this open rate. #buildinpublic
I have been doing A LOT of outreach on Twitter for @CigarMastermind and it is paying off! We are up to 57 people on our email list so far. We still have a long way to go to hit our goal of 1000 before launch, but it's encouraging! #buildinpublic
Do you submit sitemaps to Google Search Console? What about Bing? #buildinpublic
Making good progress with the @CigarMastermind project! Will be releasing ugly / basic versions of our data pages soon to try and help SEO and build our email list for launch.

Our end goal will be to show up when you search for any #cigar or brand on Google! #buildinpublic
Just finished gathering primary data on 40k+ cigars for @CigarMastermind should be an excellent start for our platform as we continue to add and enhance this data with user-generated content #buildinpublic
Wrapped up the rebuild of in sveltekit. Even with the new setup I am struggling to get into the green with performance. If you have any ideas on how to improve lmk! #buildinpublic
What do you like the most about building? #buildinpublic
What is your biggest obstacle right now or what has you frustrated? #buildinpublic
I think the majority of my projects moving forward are going to follow this structure: - Marketing site with blog @sveltejs - Actual application built with @FlutterDev

How many different forms of marketing have you / are you trying? What are you doing to track your results to see what worked the best? #buildinpublic
550+ videos have been converted to TikTok clips automatically with

What started as a weekend project has become a popular utility #buildinpublic
The more work I do the longer the backlog gets. Funny how that works. #buildinpublic
A bit of a redesign today to try and clean things up and make it work a little better on different screen sizes. Check it out: