Wrapped up the rebuild of in sveltekit. Even with the new setup I am struggling to get into the green with performance. If you have any ideas on how to improve lmk! #buildinpublic
What do you like the most about building? #buildinpublic
What is your biggest obstacle right now or what has you frustrated? #buildinpublic
I think the majority of my projects moving forward are going to follow this structure: - Marketing site with blog @sveltejs - Actual application built with @FlutterDev

How many different forms of marketing have you / are you trying? What are you doing to track your results to see what worked the best? #buildinpublic
550+ videos have been converted to TikTok clips automatically with

What started as a weekend project has become a popular utility #buildinpublic
The more work I do the longer the backlog gets. Funny how that works. #buildinpublic
A bit of a redesign today to try and clean things up and make it work a little better on different screen sizes. Check it out:

Pretty crazy when someone Tweets about the exact idea you have been building: even better that both @edrick_dch & @gid_dev tagged me in this tweet. Thanks, guys! #buildinpublic
Startup idea:

- Give access to a YouTube channel
- A software analyzes most viewed moments on videos
- They are imported into an easy-to-use video editing interface
- User edit and cut to create short videos
- Export to TikTok formats

Creators would pay a lot for this tool 🤑
This clip from a recent @thedankoe video was chosen and clipped by AI with no additional editing by a human. Want to try it out? Visit:

#buildinpublic #ai #TikTok #GPT3 #MachineLearning
Do you do outreach on Twitter via DM / Replies to try and sell a product? #buildinpublic
Finally pulled in #GPT3 into the algorithm for today. Specifically using it in a way to improve performance on podcasts. #buildinpublic
@j_starte Thank you for hosting this! It was great 🍻 #buildinpublic
I made some improvements over the weekend that allows to work better with podcasts. Great way to start the new year #buildinpublic
In the MagiTok discord I made a channel for possible future features. Help me decide what would be best to work on next by adding reactions to what would be most useful for you! #buildinpublic

I picked up Twitter towards the end of 2022 and have already made more connections here than any other platform. Excited to keep networking with the awesome community here in #GoodBye2022 #buildinpublic