✅ Another step done for @EngagementBuild

I deployed everything on and it works super nice, the setup took just few clicks.

Don't know about you but I'm sold on this platform 😁
I get many new followers in the last few days

Thanks for supporting me in the journey of building @EngagementBuild

What's your journey instead, and what you are building? 👷👷👷

Reply below, I'm super curious 😁
Just woke up and super excited about @EngagementBuild

Today We are gonna share the landing page of our product, it will be the first step of a long run 🏃‍♂️

Stay tuned 📻🚀

The landing page for Engagement Builder is almost done 🤩

I have to design more visuals and then we are out

This will be the first step of a long Saga 🚀

I'm playing with visuals for the landing page of @EngagementBuild

What do you think about this?

Good morning builders,

What are you gonna do today?

My plan is:
- connect Mailchimp to the product landing page
- create some cool designs to use as a showcase
- Do some effort thinking on the copy

Build in public update 🏗

💬 Is now possible to like, retweet and reply to tweets
😌 The search algorithm returns good quality tweets I can interact with
💥 You can narrow down the people by filtering by min. and max. number of followers

@realgabecoded These #buildinpublic projects are truly addictive, totally agree 😂
These #buildinpublic projects are truly addictive, totally agree 😂
Is incredible how many accounts post the same content at the same time

I'm working on the algorithm for the "Search for keywords" feature of my Twitter tool and I just find out this 😅


Are they bots or what?

I'm gonna write something to filter them 🚫
Something is boiling in the pot 👨‍🍳

I'm defining the skeleton of Engagement Builder

Starting from the ✨ Search for keywords page ✨


Shall I change the name of my upcoming product from TwitterJuice (can't register a domain with this name) to:

Plot tweet 🥁

It makes me laugh so hard

What do you think? 😂
The new week has started 🔋

My goal for the week:
⚪️ Build the first working version of TwitterJuice
⚪️ Write down the monthly goal for May
⚪️ Do the retrospective of April

What's your plan for the week?
Today I learned that I can't register a domain with the "Twitter" word inside 😅.

Shall I move from "TwitterJuice" to "TweetJuice"?

But the real problem is: I already bought the logo 😬
🏗️ TwitterJuice Iteration #1

The logo, font and the main colors are decided! 🎨

The font is a Righteous Regular, love it!
Wow, I just realized that cardd cost only $19 per year 💎

I'm gonna give it a try for my new product 👀

Stay tuned for updates 📻
Hey makers!

What are the goals for the next week?

- Implement Analytics for Commandine 📈
- Explore a product idea to make Twitter engagement easier 💡

Share your ones below 👇
Would you start building a product if it solves a problem for you?

Even if one of the biggest problems it solves is the user experience?

IMO one price plan is totally fine for early products.

What requires to add multiple plan + free trial can be a waste of time initially, especially if you still acquiring your first customers.
I'm opening the doors to more beta users for 🎈

It's a tool to integrate a command palette into your product and speed up your user's workflows.

DM me or join the waiting list

Thanks 🙏
#startup #buildinpublic