Once you have validated your startup idea (with a waiting list for example), how much time do you give yourself to actually build your product v0?

What was the best advice you got before starting your company?

Pitch your project in 3 words πŸ‘€

I go first: easy changelog widget

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I haven't tweeted in a few days...

It's hard to find interesting topics when you code all day long...

How to keep yoursel inspired and share good content?
What tool do you use to send marketing emails?

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What feature should I add to my funnel tool?
How do you annonce new features to your users? Do you track feature adoption?

There is 1 essential principle to take into account when starting a business

The pareto principle: 20% of our actions produce 80% of our results

πŸ‘‰ Identify the actions that have the most impact and focus on them first

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Good #startup ideas come when you talk to your users πŸ’‘

Who's interested in a Notion #Template to track OKRs?

I created a really cool template for my previous #startup

We multiplied our productivity by 2 with this template πŸ”₯

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Do you want to increase user engagement and feature adoption of your SaaS?

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Check out these incredible conversion rates one week after launching @JustLaunchIt on ProductHunt πŸ”₯

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Do you need to quickly create beautiful Funnel charts without headache?

Check my (free) tool, it’s live on ProductHunt πŸ”₯…
Tomorrow I will launch a new project on @ProductHunt 🎊

2nd launch in 2 weeks!

This time it's a small tool to create and export Funnel charts in seconds ⚑️

It's completely free! I just hope it can help some people

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How much can you expect to earn with @buymeacoffee on an online tool?

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