I just spent half the time.

Only 24 hours left to finish coding my Landing page!

#indiehacker #founder #buildinpublic
What's good after a long day of coding at work?

Coding your side proejct🙂

#buildinpublic #founder #indiehacker
The idea behind this account is to share my journey to #developer and #indiehacker who, like me, dream to build a product that people love♥️

I will tweet day by day to talk about the obstacles I encounter: business, marketing, code...

#buildinpublic #founder
It is 11:35 pm. I have 48 hours to create my #landingpage

3... 2... 1... Let the fun begin!

#buildinpublic #developer
I will create my landing page using @nextjs and @chakra_ui

The perfect stack for speed ⚡️

I assume that I don't know anything. I have only a simple intuition. I don't know where I'm going, the feedback will guide me #buildinpublic
Here is my plan for the next few days:

- Create a landing page (48 hours max) to get emails
- Publish my idea on Product Hunt
- Ask for feedback from interested people

Feedback will determine my next steps. No business plan. No market study. No bullshit!

I think I've done enough research for now. Now it's time to start
Let's build and break things! #buildinpublic
Okay, so my idea sounds cool. I'll start looking at what's already out there

#buildinpublic journey 0
Tonight I had a #startup idea! And I decided to share my journey day by day to go from a simple idea to a profitable business

I start tonight, if you are curious just follow-me 😀