Day 30 of #buildinpublic.

With the experience I have growing a following of 160,000 followers on TikTok, I posted 3 organic marketing videos on TikTok and Instagram Reels, and here's how they performed.

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Day 29 of #buildinpublic

Posted my new social media content for my audio journaling app @soli_team.

I made brand new social media accounts on TikTok/Instagram rather than using my own (which has ~160,000 followers).

Here are the results (very interesting and surprising) ⬇️
Day 28 of #buildinpublic.

Spent all day doing street interviews and editing content for the week.

My social media idea is doing street interviews where I asked people what they're thankful for, what they think is beautiful, and what annoyed them today.

First post is tomorrow!
Day 27 of #buildinpublic
Spent most of the day brainstorming organic content ideas to grow @soli_team.

I have an exciting idea and I can’t wait to film and post it.

My big bet is that the Soli TikTok/IG page will be bigger than my personal page by the end of this year.
Day 26 of #buildinpublic

Just went live on TikTok to talk about my app @soli_team, and I generated 3 new sales.

Potential to try out this live selling more β€”Β it has potential to be a big acquisition funnel.

End of day stats: 6 subscriptions, $14 MRR, $69 ARR
Day 25 of #buildinpublic

Worked on setting up my landing page/blog via @webflow

Plan to write blog posts about the benefits of journaling/wellness topics to generate some organic SEO.

Planning to run some Google Ads campaigns as well, stay tuned πŸ‘€
Day 24 of #buildinpublic

Been heads down getting this final feature done where I transcribe the audio recordings to text.

Submitting the build to the App Store tonight and then I’m working on getting 50 paying users by October 1st. πŸš€
Day 23 of #buildinpublic

Been pretty heads down finishing up the speech to text transcription feature for my audio journaling app @soli_team

Really anxious to finish it soon so I can start going hard on growth/marketing efforts. Feel like I'm going to learn a lot from it!
Day 22 of #buildinpublic

Worked on adding a speech-to-text transcription string in @soli_team.

Close to wrapping up, but I want to QA it a bit more to make sure it is bug free.

Once this feature is done, I won't be building any new features until I get 50 paying users.
Day 21 of #buildinpublic

It hurts seeing a steep drop off in DAU, but that initial spike was from my launch, so drop off is expected.

This is part of the process, and I just have to double down on growth and engineering the best experience for the users who keep coming back.
Day 20 of #buildinpublic

Worked on this onboarding screen for new users.

Spent more time in Canva making the screens than actuallly coding it πŸ˜…
Sometimes I go to Twitter to distract myself and then I see everyone else posting their progress about #buildinpublic and that motivates me to get back to work pretty quickly lol.

Anybody else feel this? πŸ˜…
Day 19 of #BuildInPublic

Spent all day editing a Youtube video to get some more top funnel recognition for Soli.

Then, I found a bug in the latest release so now I'm debugging it.

Never a boring moment πŸ˜…
Missed a few days, but here's day 18 of #BuildInPublic.

Today was a marketing day, no coding.

Spent most of today filming and editing content for TikTok/IG/Youtube to get the word out about @soli_team.

Resisting the urge to constantly code is harder than I thought πŸ˜…
Just submitted @soli_team for app store review!

Hopefully there won't be too many revisions necessary lol

What I've built the past week for my startup @soli_team

> Added event logging
> Added error reporting
> Added rate limiting (My previous startup suffered a DDOS attack so this was high priority lol)

Not sexy, not user facing, but super important.

Day 17 of #BuildInPublic Huge day ironing out the free/premium user flow. I think I have 2 more PRs left before finishing my audio journaling app, Soli! Hoping to submit for App Store review this week.

Join the waitlist below if you want to try it out πŸ™‚…
Day 16 of #BuildInPublic. Setting up the payment screen. I'd love any feedback from anyone on how to improve this page!

IMO the text looks a bit dense, and something about the payment buttons Not too sure what exactly.
Day 15 of #buildinpublic. I was focused on marketing for my audio journaling app, Soli.

I'm posting daily TikToks about the progress of the app, as well as weekly Youtube videos about its growth.

It's a lot of work, but I believe content is the best form of advertising.
Day 14 of #buildinpublic. Push notifications and user analytics set up πŸš€

Last feature to add is payment processing with @RevenueCat, then it’s time to launch!