Getting a little too deep into content marketing, now going to produce

1) sns photo posts/carousel
2) reels tiktok shorts
3) long articles in website
4) long videos > 5min

It’s pretty true that marketing is possibly the hardest part in app development.

Optimizing my social media marketing and realizing that it is not as easy to get “followers” as much as the likes.

I can see that YouTube shorts really allows a lot of views and likes. For some reason, TikTok is kinda disappointing for starters like myself.

Getting the ball rolling in SNS marketing for my workout app.

Looking for a video creator who can convert my long form fitness content into appealing and educational long form videos for YouTube mostly.

Also, love to hear any advice or get recommendations.

Using US simcard for tiktok has worked, now most viewers are from US :)

Although the views are lower than expected, I learnt that TikTok has different algorithm compared to Insta and YouTube.

Setting up vpn and shipping us sim card wasn’t easy but worth it.

Being an indie developer is tough, when you are working on your product before launch, you think about marketing and vice versa.

Here I am marketing features & design that are yet to be built, and worrying abt nt meeting deadline. I want to split myself.

@NafetsWirth Complete my core website content before rolling out social media marketing posts and mass DMing potential beta testers.

What abt you?
Canva is pretty cool and I think you can get better at it as you keep creating content.

Have yet to generate voice over and changing texts, but I posted another video for fitness content marketing.

Check my video below :)

#buildinpublic #fitnesstips #workoutapp
Workout volumes are key variable to track to ensure consistent progression.

What variable is the best to allow effective and easy tracking?

Total weight moved in workout? Number of sets?

Find out more by watching this shorts!…

Here is my first fitness instagram carousel on workout volume measurement.

Always welcome feedback for improvement and suggestions for more ideas :)

#fitnessapp #workoutapp #workoutvolume #powerbuilding #UnitedStates #buildinpublic
Today, I just wrote my very first Instagram content marketing material. Took way longer than I thought it would and even Canva needed to be learnt.

And it feels like writing “hello world” for the first time.

#buildinpublic #workoutapp
Check out this great Gig I got from #fiverr!

Josh is the real deal, he was able to give me actionable marketing tactics advice that just hit the spot.

His recommendations were down-to-earth and detailed. Great help for indie developers

How can I send DMs to my target audience without coming across as needy or spam bot? #buildinpublic #socialmediamarketing #mobileapps
Making social media assets and templates to be used for content marketing, hoping to repurpose same content to multiple platforms. #buildinpublic
Finally registering my company :)) I have decided to use the name Nestuary Wellness, it is combination of “Nest” and “Sanctuary” for employees and myself to feel safe and grow while working. #buildinpublic
My pre-launch landing page is ready :)) check out my app design and features. #buildinpublic
Content creation seem like a really daunting task, especially if you want to do it on multiple accounts…#buildinpublic
Pretty much wrapping up 1st round of prototype design review and creating updated UI figma design for pre-launch website :)) can’t wait #buildinpublic