Every product must support the dark mode. It would simplify writing code for me—fewer `if` statements.

Added rendering of dark and light mode versions of the pages.

No more #BuildInPublic tweets for today. I am done.

Thanks for your attention and support 🙏
My productivity is skyrocketing today. I have finished the headlines page.

You can quickly scan the headlines and train your brain to use marketing jargon for headlines 🙃

Friends, thanks for replying to my tweets about annual plans 🙏 I read every reply. Sorry if I didn't answer.

It took me 5 days since deciding to deploy to production the annual plans for

#BuildInPublic is still alive and is a cake.

A few thoughts 👇
How do you structure monthly and yearly plans in your code? Do you couple them? Or use just a `price per year` field?

I couldn't resist adding scrolling animations on the `hover` event.

The only problem now is that I generated animations on demand. I will figure out how to fix it later.

I want to launch as early as possible, even a crappy version, and then improve by iteration.

While I am still working on the final design of the main page, can you suggest a few landing pages that you find beautiful and exemplary (yours is 👌 too )?

And I continue working on my new project—Landing Hunt.

Rate my design skills on a scale from "Dmytro, jump out of a window and die" to "OK, I can tolerate this".

I don't like something, but I don't understand what.

I tried ChatGPT to generate a privacy policy (right), but it was boring and quite abstract. So, I wrote a privacy policy myself (left).

Is it a good move or not?

After 6 months of using a single note for managing the project, I am moving to GitHub Projects.

To sort everything out and move back again to one note 🙈

#BuildInPublic is an island of authenticity.

You can’t cheat. Ghostwriters can’t spoil #BuildInPublic.

You either build and share, or you don’t.
I am working on a new feature for—generating animated screenshots with a simple API call.

Provide an URL of a page and a scenario to get a video or animated GIF back.

I will make it smoother.

What use cases do you have in mind?

I hadn't any previous experience with Vercel. It took 10 minutes from the first sign-in to go live with my new project.

I am impressed by how fast that was.

The downside of not sharing all your numbers when #buildinpublic is that you can't get feedback.

But you can ask in private?
Let's have a bit of SEO fun.

I document the details of how I promote a post to the top position. And I would be grateful if you tell me how I can improve.

1. I wrote about open graph images without keyword research. Let's wait until Google indexes the post.

@philkellr I wouldn't put any label on the #buildinpublic "movement".

You can write a book in public (@MeetKevon), build a community (@rosiesherry), run a company (@elonmusk), build a SaaS (me).

You can share all your revenue (@nathanbarry) or not share at all (@ImSh4yy).

It depends.
I had one hour to work on LandingReview and started from core features.

My current problem is that HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are not my best friends — it slows me down.

But I am happy to have even a little progress — still progress.

@heymattia Frankly, I don’t have the right path, so I share my thoughts and what puzzles me.

But my current approach is 60-70% is #BuildInPublic because that’s what I do. And 30% for random thoughts.

What is your approach now?
In that sense, #BuildInPublic plays against small creators when big fish notices them.

It will be more challenging, but I decided not to change anything.
@gouthamjay8 My manager is #BuildInPublic now 😂

Do you want to return back?