I had one hour to work on LandingReview and started from core features.

My current problem is that HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are not my best friends β€” it slows me down.

But I am happy to have even a little progress β€” still progress.

@heymattia Frankly, I don’t have the right path, so I share my thoughts and what puzzles me.

But my current approach is 60-70% is #BuildInPublic because that’s what I do. And 30% for random thoughts.

What is your approach now?
In that sense, #BuildInPublic plays against small creators when big fish notices them.

It will be more challenging, but I decided not to change anything.
I started improving the landing page and asked for the first testimonials ✨

People are unbelievably responsive πŸ™

Texts have different lengths, but they are authentic. What do you think about the design aspect?

Overwhelmed by the many directions I can go and the number of things I want to do.

My first goal setting session after quitting the job half a year ago. Then I make weekly plans.

Don't know if it will go well, but feel that I need to give it a try at least πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

@tylercookdavies Thanks, Tyler πŸ™ It means a lot to me.

It was challenging. I am still not sure that I can articulate this idea. But if you asked me to write one sentence, it would be:

"Look at niches as cultures and dive into the one that fits you."

That's how I discovered #BuildInPublic.
It’s not bullshit.

Luck surface area, small bets, permissionless marketing, perishable motivation, writing, #BuildInPublic, build an audience…

The language of the new economy many already speak.

Available for everybody who has the Internet access, thinks, and *executes*.
I gathered all the essential metrics for my current project for June 2022.

Feel free to chat, advise, recommend, or criticize. I am super open and eager to learn.

Unfortunately, I don't track the number of sign-ups from sources, but there is a traffic report for after the launch on @BetaList.

130 visits and still counting. For my niche, it is πŸ”₯
Bounce rate at 61.5% is more than I expected πŸš€

Once you are stuck, you can use @HeyImYossi’s straightforward framework now to format #BuildInPublic tweets:
Do you want to start building your project in public but you're not sure where to begin? πŸ€”

Start right here in the comments! ✨

Share something with us. πŸ€—

To make it easier, I've added a few suggestions. Use them, or go freestyle. You're in charge.

Take the leap! β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘‡
I enjoy observing how others #BuildInPublic.

Instead of wisdom bombs, these tweets are like irresistible puzzles to solve.

I extract the patterns myself. It's not chewed food put right in my mouth, from which there is hardly any benefit.

Thanks πŸ™ And please, do it more.
I read my latest tweets. They are all about the "job" and #buildinpublic. Boring πŸ‘Ž


Can you imagine a society where everybody is an entrepreneur? Is it possible? How could it function?
@SebDugudae I started to #BuildInPublic since it is the "easiest" way to show who you are and get familiar with others.

For my current project, I do not see any benefits. But who knows what I can build in the future?

Frankly, it is an external power that helps me to stay accountable.
Installed @PirschAnalytics. So far, so good:

- It is open-source πŸ₯°
- It is privacy-friendly, so no cookie banners πŸ”₯
- UI is simple and intuitive ✨
- Integrates with Google Search Console πŸ‘

I am open and #BuildInPublic. Check out my dashboard:
@juanivillarejo That's one of the reasons why I love #BuildInPublic trend. It shows that it is not as easy as we think.

In my case, even the tiniest questions blow my mind 🀯

Does it make sense to place a "sign up" button for every plan if it eventually makes no difference? πŸ€”

As a developer, I want to place one button, but mostly every landing page I met had the button for every plan.

Is there any value?
Sharing revenue reports, the structure of the business, tweeting updates, and sending newsletters.

Those who #BuildInPublic are ready for the IPO from the day one πŸš€