πŸ”Ž SearchXKCD rebuild in the works...

🚊Trams update

A few days ago I submitted 1.0 to the Play Store for review. Just waiting for it to pass review and then it'll be live!

Woop woop πŸŽ‰

Currently working on setting up Play Store app page for the Trams project

🚊Found this neat website for creating app icons for multiple platforms and made an icon for the Trams app

🚊Tram project update

Added the lines pages which shows stations per line and tidied up some code. Overall, the app is close to ready to publish πŸŽ‰

➑️ Clean up some bugs & make loading screens smoother

🚊 More progress on the Tram App

βœ…Small bug fixes to do with loading data
βœ…Added loading and empty states

➑️ Adding more info to individual Station pages

🚊 Tram Project

Now that the API is mostly done, I started building a mobile app using Vue and Ionic.

Tried to make some cool mockups to show it's current progress πŸ˜…

🚊 Big update to the Trams API

More info is returned for per line and per station now including the line name and colour, location, zone and facilities.

Below is a shortened response to /stations


🚊Small update

Individual trams now have a "line" property which is determined by station name and destination.

Also all single word strings are returned in lowercaseπŸ˜„

🚊 Another small update to the Tram api.

Before it would return an array of strings for /lines and an array of objects for /stations so now they both return an array of string.

For some reason the metatags aren't working on Twitter but work everywhere else πŸ€”

πŸ’Ž Rebuilt the CLI using the oclif framework.

Config commands now support profiles too and have a new Table output when viewing profile configs πŸ˜„

#nodejs #buildinpublic
πŸ’Ž Added a new config command to the CLI tool

Whilst it's currently not used for any commands, this will enable future commands to store persistent data like API keys and defaults πŸ˜„

#nodejs #buildinpublic
β˜•οΈ Cawfee update:

Shipped a new "Today" stats card that compares it with yesterday's number.

Also shipped Account Details and App Defaults for setting a default drink that'll display when the dashboard is opened.

β˜•οΈ Cawfee update!

πŸ“ŠShipped Daily charts
🐞Fixed the Averages bug

Currently only showing today, and past 7 days of history, but working on adding more timeframes.

➑️ User settings & defaults

β˜•οΈ Cawfee Update:

βœ… Fixed Mobile Responsiveness
βœ… Fixed Desktop Layout
βœ… Fixed Chart data being reversed
βœ… Added a new logo, removed the +1 red dot from it
➑️ Adding User settings & Fix Averages

Cawfee is live again! πŸŽ‰

All the original fun features plus some extras on the way this week!

Start tracking your daily drinking habits πŸ˜„
β˜• Cawfee update:

βœ… - Dashboard completed
βœ… - Charts FINALLY working
βœ… - Landing page made
βœ… - Lots of tea consumed
➑️ - Deploying to production


β˜• Cawfee Reborn update:

All the old features, minus streaks, are now added and working (streaks are being replaced maybe)

Tomorrow I add a new fancier feature, clean up code and *hopefully* deploy this to production πŸŽ‰

Desktop vs Mobile views of the dashboard