It’s easy to forget what it was like when you dreamed of being where you are right now.

Another moment in the journey, but none the less, I’m just grateful. So for now I’ll take a minute to soak it in…

Get a lift in!

And then back to work! Love you Twitter

@fowHQ update.

Social share for the QOTD will hit the app in 2 weeks. We are now testing to make sure everything is functioning before putting into TestFlight next week.

@fowHQ update.

Why we built the company and our launch of Quote of the Day notification.

Please share with someone who loves personal development!

#buildinpublic #personaldevelopment
- No ads @fowHQ but steady growth.
- Today push notifications @ 10am for the quote of the day.
- Easier navigation for users.
- First wire hit!

I smell a thousand users by May. No ads.

@fowHQ update:

- Sprint planning yesterday with new engineer
- Building the ability to follow other users.
- Building the ability to share QOTD out of the app.
- Building the ability to have a bio to tell the FOW community more about you.

Launching in 2 weeks
@fowHQ update:

- Pushing our first update. V 1.1
- You can refresh the Home Screen by clicking the Home Button.
- You can turn on Notifications!
- We set up analytics.
- Users get promoted to make an account when not authenticated.

@fowHQ update:

This weekend we got our first investment of $20,000

The updated deck built using @journeyio went sensational. If you know anyone who you think would want to invest or advise please share our deck!…

#buildinpublic #fundraising #founders
What have you found is the best way to ask for intros to potential advisors and/or investors from your community?

@fowHQ update.

- Our first LOI.
- Wire next week.
- The pre-seed round begins!
- We can officially ramp velocity.

#buildinpublic #fundraising
@fowHQ update.

- Our first LOI.
- Wire next week.
- The pre-seed round begins!
- We can officially ramp velocity.

A little under a month ago I started making personal development content to help connect with our ICP.

I message every person that follows me to discuss personal development and their favorite books.

Thinking about building a community based app. Try it. #buildinpublic
Center yourself in the community you wish to build with and watch what happens. We have:
- No CTA in the app.
- No notifications.
- No way for users to share the app with friends.

I just made SM posts on personal development.

I wanted the truth, now we #buildinpublic
@supabase can you help us find an A1 developer to help us scale our Supabase instance? We can work with them on a flexible basis but our only caveat is that we are working with the best!

#supabase #indiedev #buildinpublic #backend
Twitter Community I have a gig that opened up. We need a Superstar Flutter Developer. Super flexible and excited to connect. Whose available!

@fowHQ @FlutterDev #buildinpublic #indiedev #flutterdev #flutter
@fowHQ update!

- New pre-seed deck!
- First wire next week!
- Local Notifications in Staging!
- 2 new engineers starting next week!
- 555 books added!
- For everything else there’s master card.…

When VC’s tell me it’s going to be to expensive to get users I understand their sentiment.
But what they don’t understand is that I live this and I know where all of our users are.
If you build what you love, you can be your own stimulus package!
#buildinpublic #founders
@fowHQ update.

- 62 Profiles
- 548 books added to lists
- Creating an updated deck with some incredible data points.
- Still no ads.

#buildinpublic #founders
If you are thinking about starting a company in a “saturated/mature market” and people are discouraging you. This video is for you. Follow your dreams!

@clickup my bad if I got any of the deets wrong. Love your product!

#buildinpublic #founders #startup
@fowHQ update
- No ads
- Steady Growth
- Local Notifications in Test Flight
- Updated designs and branding planned for this week.