After the launch of the @WillowfinchHQ Location Explorer next month, I'll #BuildInPublic a data layer of state abortion restrictions & laws. It's too important a piece of the puzzle about where someone would want to accept that next #joboffer Sign up for the newsletter to follow!
#startups #founders - he might be writing for financial advisors, but this is the same for all of us. Note too, his prospect lead times. This is very #buildinpublic…
So many give up before then because they do not have the patience

Don't let this be you

You can't fail if you give yourself enough time!

The goal is to build a long term marketing machine that will allow you to always be growing your business

That takes time
#buildinpublic #startup

sounds like a nice, lightweight app
Hey #energytwitter, do you know anyone who could help me build tool that asks:

? - what are you driving now?
? - where do you live?

x - calc $(full tank of gas, miles)
x - calc $(full charge, miles) for 3 or so EVs, 1 used, 2 new.

That's it.
@taxgirl It doesn't even have to be that deep. In my world, a lot of people don't know that social security can be taxed, so #retirement income streams are confusing. Then there's 1099 stuff for people who are #startups & #founders in the #buildinPublic space. Simple & repetitive.
@loes_gelissen I think nearly anyone in #startup or #buildinpublic would be interested in listening or joining as a guest. Check out @SoftwareSocPod as they are also in this space.
@wander_wealth Add the hashtag #BuildInPublic - that’s a cool hashtag & will bring you lots of advice.

I don’t understand what a “CBC” is.
I know I would be very interested in what is covered in a “long term travel plan”
@TKopelman #StartupSpace #startups #startup founders are ALWAYS looking for virtual bookkeepers. I use one and she includes my online QB accounts. $75/mo, but I have < 75 transactions a month at this time. Market on twitter with hashtags #BuildInPublic as she starts to build her own
Our CTR improved with a tweak in content & changing from carousel to single image on LinkedIn ad. We hit the benchmark @$10less than budget. Moving on to tweak sign-up page & get sign-ups moving. Spend on CTR is $116, putting $20 in today for sign-up test. #buildInPublic
@DebFoxFinancial ahhhhhh….

thank you for that advice! I wondered the why behind the difference

#buildinpublic #startuptips #startup #startups
@AtlantaTax I’m a #startup founder and there are people always asking for accounting and tax help. We have to do most of the work ourselves, but fee structures for advice, like setting up a chart of accounts, or taking an advice call would be huge. #buildinpublic needs tax advice
How many times & types of backups do you do, in how many different places the day before you begin dropping tables, views, and stored procedures to give your DEV database a considerable weight reduction before you move it to PROD? #buildinpublic
One of the most fabulous things about building in the #buildinpublic / #startup space is working with others - be in their betas, sign up for their newsletters, voting in their polls, do customer interviews, take coffees with these folk, add them to your networks. Promote them.
@itsjulianpaul @arvidkahl interesting. There’s also #buildinpublic which might bring some more eyeballs onto what you’re working on.
This is reason 4,367 why I hate coding state taxes. The screen shot is MO 1040 .pdf tax calculator. While @WillowfinchHQ doesn't compete with the tax software, we are working to build a decent model so you can understand the impacts retirement income if you move. #BuildInPublic
Found a bug from an earlier view upon which my MO state taxes depend. It's the taxable social security calculation. ugh. This is how I check my code. I spend my days filling out worksheets for taxes so I can check my work. #buildinpublic
#BuildInPublic - bad links last forEVAH!!! Found the original bad link in the new onboarding email sequence yesterday while onboarding a new user. BAH!!! I've just learned about @Mailchimp 's link checker.

This is twice!! Not just ugh, I'm cross-eyed ugh
Having a functional front end so I can test my back end algorithms... priceless... I thought I had another error - it wasn't. It was a year when one data subject had no income subject to Medicare or FICA. #BuildInPublic
#BuildInPublic - back to reading Missouri state tax instructions because-don'tcha know, that's where I found a logic error affecting 4 other states which calculate MJ incomes separately... But really, the parsing of the social security & pension income thru round after round 😵‍💫
What are your fave MVP / prototype engagement hacks? #BuildInPublic
#buildInPublic I'm quiet while we regroup on messaging. I'm building out a new map & making video to demo how @WillowfinchHQ helps me solve my "where to move next" scenario plans. Why yes, I have fun playing with my solution.