Quick #buildinpublic update.

Dec 1-4 brainstorm some stuff that's been on my mind. Map out some benefits I'd like to provide, and potentially how to do it.

Dec 5 buy a domain name, build a landing page. Build the plumbing with zapier.
For those who do #SEO and keyword research, I'm looking to build a GPT/AI powered keyword research tool. Prototype is producing incredible results 😍

I'd appreciate some feedback! 👇
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My #buildinpublic update is just me getting sidetracked by #openai and #gpt3 shenanigans.
My #buildinpublic update:
- @SlackAPI OAuth V2 flow setup. I was putting this off for way too long
- more app onboarding flow work (going to record some videos)
I'm so excited to be a part of the #buildinpublic community! This is the perfect place to share my journey of building something from scratch.

Share below what you're building! I'd love to check it out 👇
#buildinpublic is a great way to improve your coding skills and learn from others!
Are you a #manager or #teamlead in a software company? Work in #Engineering or #devops? I'm building a structured workflow for handling enquiries in Slack 🙌 DM me or visit to join the beta.

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@joyacmonteiro @vadymhimself I'm building a slack app that improves communication within Slack! I'm also tweeting as I #buildinpublic and sharing my progress.
🧑‍💻 Working on the 'on-boarding' flow to make it simple for users to use The process will guide the user through the setup process within @SlackHQ so they don't have to leave the platform.

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About time I toss this into the world! I'm building, a slack bot micro-saas app 🎉
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