Been 2 weeks since last touching the #FlutterFlow project. Having to handle some personal matters broke my dev mojo. As promised, setting aside fixed hours per day to try and get this product out to meet my deadline. Here I am finishing up a design on #sketch #buildinpublic
Thinking of dedicating a good chunk of December to my #buildinpublic project. Having a kid, a job, the World Cup and assisting in extended family matters just drained me by a tonne the last 2-3 weeks. So dynamic is each day, that setting aside time for the project took a backseat
No idea why, but everyone else on their #buildinpublic journey seem to be zooming past from ideation to shipping in record timings. I’m on my virgin journey, and it’s hard to get anything productive done when you have < 3 working hrs per day to build your project. Any advice?
Day 4 - Only managed to knock off ~3hrs on this project today. Laid out a couple of marketing plans, and brushed up a few of the minor UI screens. Nothing beats starting from paper. Slow progress, but progress nonetheless. #nocode #lowcode #buildinpublic #flutterflow
Day 3: Technically spent about 1.5 days to build a basic UI out on Sketch app. Threw in a couple of features and how I’d like them to look. And officially began my journey into #FlutterFlow right away. Figured I’ll learn along the way. #buildinpublic
Day 2: Today, I sketched a couple more screens out. While brainstorming a few nice-to-haves. Everything will be going to the chopping board. Less is more. Sticking to the KISS method. #buildinpublic
About to begin my first step into the world of #buildinpublic starting off with a really simple currency conversion app suggested by my brother in law.