Each time I want to start wrapping up the project, the wise words of past indie hackers ring in my head, “be more viable and less minimal when building your MVP”. Where exactly do you stop? I’m just going on gut right abt now.. #buildinpublic
The only thing tik tok-ing in my life right now.. #indiedevs #buildinpublic
The more the product takes shape, the longer it’s taking. The odds does stack against me, but following what the gurus preach, is the most logical path. Shippin’ ain’t easy. #buildinpublic #nocode
Being an #indiedev in 🇸🇬 feels very much lonely. With the country’s notoriety for following rules and fast paced, it almost feels illegal breaking away from the normal 8-5 and many even putting in that 996 work style wearing it like a proud badge of honour. #buildinpublic
Building my first production app with @nocodebackend and @weweb_io loving the progress I’m making with the help of their communities. Would you recommend adding analytics (GA or whatever) before releasing? #buildinpublic #indiedev
What do you guys do to keep you most productive during the building phase? I love the ideas, but some times the more daunting a task is, I see myself procrastinating without realising. #buildinpublic #IndieDevs
When building your project, do you also build out a dashboard for the admin (yourself) for easy tracking/reference? #indiedev #buildinpublic
This project got me buzzing. Now let’s make this a reality. Using couple of new tech. This is gonna be fun. #buildinpublic #bubble #nocode
Wife’s got the kid to bed. 🙏🏽❤️ Another day in the life of an indie dev.. #buildinpublic #nocode #flutterflow
And the 2nd one being a funny stab at preventing bad actors to exist on popular dating apps like #tinder 😂 I know it’s not realistic per se, but shows how we can stretch the boundaries when living in my ideal world. #buildinpublic…
To my #buildinpublic fam, not sure if this counts but, I documented how I built the front end on #FlutterFlow for their design challenge. This was 1 out of the 2 which I submitted for #FlutterFunny .

If you wanna read more about it, head on over
Not sure if this counts in the #buildinpublic space, but I will be documenting the entire process on how I thought of and built these 8 screens out on FlutterFlow in 4 days. #nocode has got to be the most empowering skill in the near future.
Do you guys set aside x number of hours to sit & develop? Or just pick the pockets of time in between to quickly get some menial tasks out of the way? #buildinpublic
Days like this are hard. Keep reminding myself, the race is within me. Not how everybody else on Twitter is shipping. There’s a whole lot of people building blazingly fast. How else can I push myself? #buildinpublic
Honestly, it’s taking longer than I initially anticipated. No faults with the stack, just that I’m figuring everything out along the way. Any other ways you guys build? Like leave out validation etc for later? #buildinpublic
Whenever you think you’re going to blaze through right after understanding that last FlutterFlow YouTube tutorial you saw… 🫣 #buildinpublic
Sub-consciously deliberating on the logic part of things within FlutterFlow. I have flutter background, but this no code thing is so new to me, it actually feels too good to be true. At least from the UI building perspective.

Can’t wait to begin on FirebaseAuth
I have to say, building out the UI on #FlutterFlow has got to be one of the best #nocode experiences.

Other fellow solopreneurs, when do you begin sharing in detail about features you’re building and when to reel it in for the suspense during launch? #buildinpublic
Does it count as #buildinpublic if you’re not working on a SaaS but a productivity/utility mobile app for travellers? Asking for a friend.. 🙃