#BuildInPublic they said. It'd be fun they said.

Currently spending some time on @amtrak to build a thing or two for @BuildSell30
#BuildSell30 continues for @GoalCadence

I start with 23 pages of templates that help refine the market, financial, technical aspects and gives me clarity.

Fill-in-the-blank worksheets gathered over the past 20 years.

And it all starts with the overall goals.


Making the first steps at creating a goal, setting deadline and establishing a reward. Not bad for 30 mins proof of concept with @bubble
Usual Tasks:
✅ Domain via @Namecheap
✅ Hosting (marketing & landing page) via @goGreenGeeks
▢ Service/App via @bubble

Taking a stab at #buildsell30 with GoalCadence - helping high performers smash goals with a simple framework and virtual accountability partner -- making it simple to set goals, receive feedback and be effective.

A #BuildinPublic journey to $100 MRR then list on @microacquire.
And the completed @ReadWithLolly graphic selection option set in @bubble with some better icons, bit of cleanup... but... IT WORKS!

From ideation with a prototype (right) to prettier working version (left) all in #NoCode #BuildInPublic.
#BuildInPublic -- wanted to upgrade @ReadWithLolly from a drop down selector to an image based selector, but not sure how in @bubble; Asked myself what would @NigelGodfrey or @LachlanKirkwood do... and came up with this custom state + option set repeating group #NoCode
#BuildInPublic for @DropBearIns continues for @AirDevCo #AirHack

✅ Generate PDF & email coverage
🎯 Stripe payment process to collect $$
🎯 Glance at @Bubble revamped responsive engine


Progresthus farar:…
Yesterday we started #buildinpublic of @DropBearIns & entered the @AirDevCo #AirHack 1 week #hackathon.

✅ Financial Feasibility
✅ Market Feasibility
❓Technical Feasibility

How might we get someone's name, take payment & generate PDF coverage?
Yesterday we started #buildinpublic of @DropBearIns & entered the @AirDevCo #AirHack 1 week #hackathon.

✅ Financial Feasibility
✅ Market Feasibility
❓Technical Feasibility

How might we get someone's name, take payment & generate PDF coverage?

Can we make a startup that #VentureCapital will shun? I think we can!

Meet - Drop Bear Insurance - providing 100% body repatriation coverage for victims of Drop Bear attacks in Australia.

A challenge for @AirDevCo #AirHack with @bubble

Literally doing the @FounderCadence #BuildInPublic on a bus on the way to the beach & other @WestTechFest #WestTech2021 events

Clean up form
Send reminder 2 days before
Option in link to renegotiate deadline

Previous progress.…
Today's @foundercadence #BuildInPubic during #WestTech2021 @WestTechFest comes to you from Kings Park in Perth, WA.

Yesterday: tech infrastructure & started a landing page.

Today: test a submission of a goal w/deadline & get an email reminder.…
SCORE! It works, Ugly but it works.

✅Create goal
✅Email invite to goal setter
✅Save to calendar
✅Save to Google Sheets

Perfect flow works.

Next: lunch then resume some #buildinpublic tasks
Currently I create a calendar entry, add them with this info. But that's me and there has to be a better way that helps more people.

Soooo, how might we do this simply at first, make fancy later?
Google Form?
Wordpress? Contact Form 7?
Go No Code with @bubble?

Follow the Google Doc with how I think and walk through the tasks, operations, decisions, resources.…

Between @WestTechFest #WestTech2021 events I have some down time, so why not build a service I've been manually doing? #BuildInPublic

Introducing... Founder Cadence.

Follow along over the week and we'll see how far we can take a startup founder accountability platform.
Today's #BuildInPublic coming to you from Pepe's Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Bar.

I love the typewriter feature on homepages. Visitors can say "hey that's me" and go to the next step. So I added one in 3 mins to @ReadWithLolly

See it

Next: digestion
#BuildInPublic coming to you today from the Brisbane River.

Beta @ReadWithLolly user asked if there could be a waveform of the audio that microphone catches; took some work, but here's the start of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
Today's #OfficeWithAView

Beta test of a new #nocode tool that builds an integrated website, iOS & Android apps all in one from your @figmadesign designs. See what this thing can do.

No personal #BuildInPublic for me today, but use another founder's concept for the beta test.
Today's @ReadWithLolly #BuildInPublic

Generate & at least display a unique invite link to have a non-user record a song, story or reading for a child AND have it play back on Alexa.

See if I can implement yesterday's planning session

Another beautiful day in Queensland.
A @ReadWithLolly early user asked how they might invite another person (their mom) to record stories for the child.

Some days you have to #planinpublic before you #buildinpublic

Need to solve:
Invite link
Requester account link
Security via pin + link?
Beta user: can you give an example story for practice?
Me: sure!
@bubble (silently): muhahaha you best put a spinner in a group or other elements randomly rotate.
Me: Wait, why is this spinning the ENTIRE page?
[Two hours later]
Me: [add spinner to group] Fixed.