Restlessness is when you want to start building your product for real, but you still have much to learn about #bubbleio to make it sustainable and effective.

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Day 5
Getting closer to the end of 'Building Product. Hunt Timelapse' tutorial. Navigation, Index, Data and Index responsiveness, Signup and Login using OAuth for Google & Twitter are all done.

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Day 2
I kicked off the “Building Product Hunt Timelapse” tutorial from @bubble. It is definitely faster pace, but it is cool to test the responsive design functions.

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I currently read ‘Zero to Sold’ by @arvidkahl. I think it’s the first time I read something that practicable and honest in terms of entrepreneurship books.

Day 1
I’m finishing building the ‘recipe sharing app’ based on the @bubble crash course.

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I’ll contextualise the journeys and put them into series. For the next two weeks I will run #14daysofbubble to log my learning curve with @bubble

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"Make a good first impression", they say. @bubble does a great job there. I appreciate how well-thought are the tutorials and academy materials. So far, it is a pleasure!

Recently, I needed to change how I planned to build next product. I switch from engineering to no-code. Which means @bubble would be my next best friend 🤝 #buildinpublic
The last 3 days I spent on talking to potential user base via Reddit DMs.

The next weeks will prove if I nailed the problem space right 👀