Below are some relevant questions to ask to identify the opportunities for growth and how we can help. Answering these questions will help figure out the kind of product you need to resolve the issues.

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Wakame - 3kg wild harvested in Victoria.

Non tech venture prototyping is a lot of fun! Anyone a vital greens customer? DM me #buildinpublic
Anyway my key point is that #failure is painful at the time, but it is the best thing that can happen to you provided you want to learn. Curious what others experiences were starting out? #nocode #buildinpublic
Has anyone played @bubble 's new responsive engine game? Very clever way of teaching people the basic principles. I enjoyed putting the parrot back into his home 😂 #NoCode #buildinpublic
Introducing into the world Lightning Products ⚡️⚡️. We help startups and large companies ship software products at a fraction of the price and time compared to custom software. #NoCode @bubble #Buildinpublic #Buildinginpublic Check us out -->
Excited to launch something next week in the @bubble space. ⚡️⚡️⚡️ #NoCode #buildinpublic #entrepreneurlife
"Very efficient" a response from a @bubble dev I'm working with on a project about our new #productmanagement processes. This is music 🎶 to my ears! I'm excited to share my learnings with other Bubble creators soon in my new course. DM me if you want early access #buildinpublic
Looking for an @make_hq developer for a freelance project. Any #NoCode legends out there? Feel free to tag people in this post #buildinpublic
Looking to speak with a good social media marketer (focus on Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn) anyone come to mind? Bonus points if they are part of the #nocode @bubble space #buildinpublic
@bubble a #productmanager's role is to prioritise, understand customer needs and do everything possible to ship valuable product to customers.

In #NoCode it feels like this part of product development is missing. #buildinpublic
@bubble holy moly! 💯 I just discovered that you provide database structures within your documentation. Here's the marketplace guide: #nocode #buildinpublic…
Feels so nice to be building again ❤️🚀 #NoCode #buildwithbubble @bubble #buildinpublic
Unpopular opinion: Prototyping in @bubble is not a good idea. Here me out: As entrepreneurs / builders we're constantly fighting against ourselves. If we lock ourselves into a solution early, it can be very hard to get ourselves out of it.

#nocode #buildinpublic
Thinking about building a Bubble course focused on product management fundamentals I.e: how to actually define what your users need, how to design/proto, build consistent product, how to efficiently do user testing etc. Would this be valuable? @bubble #nocode #buildinpublic
Where are all my @bubble plugin experts living? Have an interesting project I’m looking for someone to collaborate with. Must have JavaScript experience. DM me for more details #nocode #buildinpublic
Using the @bubble clones as a starting point are a great way to accelerate learning and development. #NoCode #buildinpublic #buildinginpublic #BuildInPublicMastery
Remote working in Bali. Probably more surfing than working if I’m honest 😂. Feels so nice to be back creating - feeling inspired ❤️🚀 #nocode #buildinpublic @startwithhex @jeanette_kc
I'm planning on launching a @bubble based venture studio focused on #impact startups. Our focus: help build MVP and educate founder to continue on building. Looking for: introductions to impact accelerators, non technical founders working in impact space. #buildinpublic #NoCode