I always saw the #buildinpublic hashtag as a great opportunity for getting more views on your product. But what is the best way of promoting your product by using this hashtag? Any incredible examples?
W/ @the_AI_Alfred you can save your summaries into your Saved Section! And you can always edit your best summaries!

This is only the first important feature of our product. Check out more here:

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We just launched an aggressive discount campaign for @the_AI_Alfred until tomorrow. 50% off on our plans.

Only 100 slots are available. Let's see the final results.

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@the_AI_Alfred weekly key numbers:

🚀$500 revenue
👥59 new users
🚀Reached 408 users on our Chrome Extension
🥰700 weekly active users
🤖1993 summaries generated
🌎We introduced multiple language summaries

#buildinpublic #ai #saas
AI Alfred crossed $500 in revenue today, and 399 users ♥️

@the_AI_Alfred #saas #buildinpublic
How many paying customers do you have?

I will start: we have 25 paying customers for @the_AI_Alfred!

#buildinpublic #saas
That's how we announce new paying customers for @the_AI_Alfred 😜

Crossed $400 in revenue !!!💥

#buildinpublic #ai #saas @PaddleHQ
Introducing Multiple Language Summaries💥

@the_AI_Alfred can now summarize multiple language contents!

We used users' feedback on our public page (using @cannyHQ).

Languages supported in the first comment!🌎

Try it now:

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This is where our users come from (@the_AI_Alfred)

🌎We have reached 116 countries

5⃣The first 5 countries are the United States, Spain, Colombia, Mexico, and India.

The curious nations we have touched on are Guyana, Mozambique, Papua New Guinea

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253 summary requests in the last 24h for @the_AI_Alfred 😍

💰 7 paying customers!

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We often forget about our failures. These are all the projects I’ve been involved in since 2022 to date.
And maybe there are others I didn’t put in, where I failed.

Failure is part of success!

Should we add the URLs related to the saved summaries?

I mean: users can save summaries, but they can’t trace the summary URL back. Should we?

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This is the @the_AI_Alfred funnel: from the web page view to the signup.

We have a 16% of conversion rate.

What's yours?

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Let me show you how @the_AI_Alfred works.

AI Alfred can summarize any web links/PDFs in 1 click.

This is a summary of our website


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From URLs to a base Article in 1 click.

Check out this AI product:

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