this is the Advanced Summary Requests at @recapioGPT. As you can see, we have had a huge increase in this number in the last 10 days more or less. It's correlated to the Tik Tok campaigns we did. This means that Tik Tok is useful for its mid-long-term effect.

This is the first time I'm selling 2 products in parallel on @acquiredotcom

What Is the best AI Field for the next SaaS?

What an acceleration of new users signing up on @recapioGPT during the last week

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The next couple of months will be the most important for this year:

➡️Selling @recapioGPT
➡️Selling @The_Quiz_Bot

And then, we'll see

@recapioGPT crossed 11k in revenue. And we're selling it right now.

After almost 1 year, here we go again: we just submitted our startup on @acquiredotcom!

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First @recapioGPT version (AI Alfred - previous name, on @bubble)


Official @recapioGPT version now

Organic SEO Unique Users in the Last 30 Days! We have dramatically increased our numbers.

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