We'll launch the new product today!

We've acquired a micro-project last week.

We are ready for relaunching it!
Stay tuned

@the_AI_Alfred usage in the last weeks, and we are still in beta. Going to launch the official product this week!
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New day, new sale for the Acquired Product (soon the name).

And we're just starting.

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🥳Made our first sale for our acquired product!

🚀I have acquired the first micro-product!🚀

We'll announce the product next week!

Don't stop shipping.

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Almost ready for the new AI Alfred - @the_AI_Alfred

✅Extension Ready
✅Auth Ready
❌Waiting for the @PaddleHQ approval

Going to launch an amazing new version after months of improvements!

#saas #buildinpublic #nocode @medartus
What are the active products I'm currently in:

1. @NocodegigsHQ: list and find List and apply gigs for free
2. @the_AI_Alfred: Summarize web articles using a Chrome Extension
3. AI-Generated T-Shirts Store
4. New AI product in Stealth

#startup idea: Tinder for micro-saas

How does it sound? Who wants to build this w/me?

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my #buildinpublic journey so far.

2023 goals:
🚀Grow @NocodegigsHQ & @the_AI_Alfred
👀Launch new AI products
🥳Acquire at least 1 product

and yours?

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Recap for @TheOmegaStudio:

1- We've launched again @the_AI_Alfred
2- @NocodegigsHQ is going very well
3- @EverythingByZip by @bresslertweets, just another SaaS in the portfolio

Working on the next big adventure here. Hope to tell more on Jan 23

Some numbers from @the_AI_Alfred new test stage. We're not pushing it.

We're going to share it soon.

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