OK, so this is how my React - AI project is going:

And it begins, my first React - AI project is underway!

Finally, a free weekend to get back to #buildinpublic

The first issue is to tweak the @ Menu plugin to allow multiple plugin initializations on one page
I have an idea for a very niche micro saas.

Is 200k views on various stack overflow questions over the last 10 years enough to validate the idea?

Been busy this weekend getting 2 new versions live!

New events, bug fixes, and tweaks in these versions.

Getting closer to the official release ☺️

v 0.6 is now live for my little JS plugin.

- "onChoose" event added
- "insertContent" event extension added
- Auto-scroll menu when navigating

Check it out at

Lots more to do before the official v 1.0 release.

Working on an "onChoose" event today to allow @ Menu devs to provide functionality when a menu item is selected

Spent the last couple of weeks learning Svelte and migrating the @ Menu plugin over

Version 0.3 now available:

✅Domain name bought

Nearly ready to launch the MVP

Day 2 of building the @ Menu.

✅Basic workable version now working
✅Added changelog page
🕝Working on the documentation page
🕝Buy domain
🕝Launch the MVP

A couple of hours of work to get the most basic JS plugin for the @ Menu working.

Lots more work to do before I put it live, but super happy with the progress so far.

Let's get back to building in public.

First up, an "@" style menu. Easily done on inputs, but couldn't find any examples that worked well for my scenario in textareas, so let's build one!

Is there a demand for a pricing page builder?

IMO it's one of the hardest/ most time-consuming pages to build on a site and once it's built, it rarely changes due to these constraints.

Any thoughts?

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Any one know of a decent "dial" input JS plugin? Struggling to find a decent one that acts like a range input, but is circular.

Or am I best to build one myself?

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When you write a good chunk of code and it works the first time:

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The dashboard is coming along quite nicely now. Plenty of room for lots more content, but keeping it basic for now as I want to launch in the next month or two 🚀

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How much time are you planning to spend working on your projects this weekend?

Saturday is a write off for myself, but hopefully I can get about 3 hours done Sunday!

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