Excited to pivot what we’re building to move with the market, but of course staying in the Creator Economy and content creation world 🥳

#BuildInPublic #CreatorEconomy #Content
We wrapped up @divinfluence’s first round of beta feedback and currently working on our credit system to start driving revenue 🥳

#BuildInPublic #CreatorEconomy #Divinfluence
Whenever I talk about @divinfluence to people, then getting excited gets me even more excited 🤩 #BuildInPublic #CreatorEconomy #InfluencerMarketing
Excited to wrap up @divinfluence’s beta V1 product feedback since we’re getting very similar, but insightful suggestions from leaders in the Creator Economy world.

Thank you to everyone that participated and special thanks to @brendangahan (and team) 🥳 #BuildInPublic
Creator updates with @divinfluence:

Total new Creators for the week: 84
Total Creators on Divinfluence: 2,008

Total Divinfluence Creator followers
👉🏽 IG: 736 million
👉🏽 TikTok: 1.2 billion
👉🏽 YouTube: 503 million

#BuildInPublic #CreatorEconomy #InfluencerMarketing
We have about 160 people who expressed interest in beta testing @divinfluence.

Anyone else interested in beta testing the first Creator discovery tool to work with underrepresented Creators? 🥳 #BuildInPublic #Divinfluence
This week with @divinfluence:

✅ 3 organic press in process
✅ 5 strategic partnerships pending
✅ 1 partnership with a big brand 🤫
✅ 10 live feedback product scheduled
✅ met with 10+ Creators and LGBTQ+ marketing leaders that they love Divinfluence 💜

Since we’ve beta launched @divinfluence, we’re currently trying to formulate the right product feedback questions for our next sprint.

How do you know if you’re asking the right questions? #BuildInPublic
We started our Creator outreach last week & here are our results 👇🏽

Subject Line 1: Would you like to work with more brands?
Open Rate: 75%

Subject Line 2: Interested in paid collabs?
Open Rate: 65%

Sub 1 had higher Open %, but Sub 2 had a bit higher Reply %

I love not being afraid of competition because there are a few things that cant be copied like:

✅ Our mission of making communities more diverse & inclusive
✅ Our minority-led team
✅ Our apprenticeship program to teach marginalized people marketing


🔴 Starting our search for a new developer — putting in more resources to bring someone more experienced.

🔴 Prioritization - SO MANY THINGS TO DO so we established definitions:

High = 1-3 days
Medium = 4-7 days
Low = 7-14 days

Update this week for building @divinfluence:

✅ Bringing in 2 team members FT
✅ Launched over 600 ads on FB to see which creative + messaging CTA will stick
✅ Set up hyper-personalized automations to build our email list
✅ Lots of documentation

Focus on customer development. Collect continuous feedback that will have an impact on the direction of your product and business along the way. #BuildInPublic
Sigh… we have to postpone our official launch because our developer has been missing deadlines. We are now in the process of finding a new one, but that’s ok! It’s part of the process.

Can’t blame anyone but yourself and I’m sure they have things going on. #BuildInPublic
Realized that there’s a maximum of 50 ads per ad set and I made 72 🥹 #BuildInPublic
Two interesting key learnings with FB ads for lead generation to build up our email list for @divinfluence before launch

CPL is lower:

✅ Targeting based off of interest vs job title ($3 vs $15)

✅ “Sign Up” outperformed “Learn More” by 3x

This whole @lemlist update with lemwarm messed up all of my accounts. Help articles aren’t working. Response from support became subpar. What are other alternatives? #BuildInPublic