We are building a massive partner ecosystem with people who sell products or services that help Creators.

Who do I need to connect with?

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Which Creators will we see on this list when we launch V2 of

Making our first pivot at - moving to more of a open/social platform.

Initial design elements, what do you think? (zoom in & look around)

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@oluadedej Thankfully from movements like #buildinpublic we learned to market first.

Talked about CreatorFunds for about 4 months, got 100 pre release sign ups and officially launched today. Multiple paying customers on day 1!

Feeling very lucky and grateful 🙌
4. Start talking about it online. Ya know, #buildinpublic

Not only does it help you build a genuine audience, it also helps you find customers and others who genuinely want to help you.

Share everything. Updates, screenshots, videos, failures, success, and overall growth.
Who’s ready to build their Creator profile on

Marketplace to connect with #investors opens on April 1st!

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T-Minus 3 weeks until is live!

Join now if you’re a Creator or Investor. Let’s accelerate the Creator Economy together.

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Onboarding flows are starting to get finished!

@CreatorFunds_io launching April 1st!

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New & Improved #investor view on the creator marketplace.

What do you think?

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@sugarshanelaw Absolutely. You’re never going to have it perfect, so don’t waste time trying to get there. Start talking about it now, get some quick validation, and listen to feedback.

You should check out the #buildinpublic trend.
What do y’all think about @CreatorFunds_io marketplace view for #investors?

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This is the #investor view for our creator economy marketplace.

What do you think?

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We're building "niches" to be selected as Creators set up their profile. Areas like:

- Audience / Community Building
- Personal Branding
- Financial Freedom
- Web 3 / NFTs

..and more!

What are some others to add?

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Mock ups for our #Creator profiles under construction.

What should we add/remove/edit?

Context: this is the profile #investors will see when they search for Creators on the marketplace.

@csakon @lionmade IMO, it’s going great.

55 pre-release sign ups.

We’re building the app on bubble right now and made a lot of progress this weekend on Creator profiles.

Here’s a quick mock-up.

We’re sitting at 50+ pre release user sign ups! Big accomplishment for us over @CreatorFunds_io 🎉🎉

#buildinpublic #webflow #bubble… pre-release sign up numbers 👇

🛠 39 Creators
💰13 Investors

✅ 52 total pre-release sign ups!

Right now we’re building a creator<>investor matching app on @bubble with a launch date of April 1st.

Thank you for your support!

What’s a good conversion percentage from free to paid?

@KilianPoulinTW Congrats @KilianPoulinTW, that’s major!

We’re building right now (app launches 4/1)

Do you have any feedback on how to optimize our site?

Ran my first Twitter #ad

Still learning a lot about this. Are the impressions and engagement worth the $125?

Today starts our official #buildinpublic journey with

For those of you who have experience #buildinginpublic, what’s your best advice?