Any interesting AI products been built recently? I haven't seen much since the crazy AI Site builders, AI-native writing tools.

If you are building a start-up, don't worry about scaling negative margins in the early days. Focus should be on gaining traction and growth. If you can't figure those out even with negative margins, then there's a bigger problem.

For AI Developers and those selling SaaS, make sure to think about removing vendor lock in so you can sell to enterprise. The core advantage of being a company not tied to a specific cloud vendor is that you can play beautifully in multi-cloud environments!
Curious - what LLMs are people exploring now? Keen to hear about any experiments!

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Twilix just improved the UX of our references! We're launching an entirely new retrieval-augmented generation experience!
Check it out 👇👇

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Got asked today "Why are you building chatgpt on your pdf? isn't everyone doing that?"

Yes. I'm not worried about the competition though. I know my solution's better. And it's not even close.

Are you interested in getting better results with LlamaIndex?

Check out how in our tutorial below!…

Thanks @jerryjliu0 for framework :)

Next up @LangChainAI!
Are you building with #chatgpt and Chatbots? Here are a few ways to remove hallucinations from your output for the #buildinpublic

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If you're looking to build a co-pilot on top of your documentation, Twilix now powers this on our Code co-pilot endpoint.
Feel free to give it a try today on our docs…

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We started a small discord community discussing and sharing updates on Twilix where we will be sharing our guides etc on how to build the next generation of chatbot and LLM infrastructure :) Feel free to join!
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@jeffr_yyy Anyone in the #buildinpublic fam building chatbots should check this out :)
We’re currently building retrieval augmented generation as an API :)

What are others building this weekend?

#buildinpublic #business #startups launches in public today. Try out our API for data extraction, semantic search and message suggestion and PDF conversation today! #buildinpublic

Check out our documentation on!
Curious how many have tried using GPTCache from @zilliz_universe ?

Would love to hear how others have found the experience!
#buildinpublic or #chatgpt users?
As an indiehacker, I learnt a few things my ex-Google, ex-Snapchat software engineers about API design that I figured would be worth sharing here #buildinpublic
(including a pretty controversial one I left for last!)

Click to learn more 👇
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Gearing for a big launch on Monday with Twilix. We’re going to be removing the waitlist and letting people run the platform. Any tips/suggestions/fun stories on launching? Would love to hear! :) #buildinpublic
I tried to write a @digitalocean serverless function but ran into this.

{'code': 'de3a82b25309a96fd15742d365938154',
'error': 'There was an error processing your request.'}

No logs. A random code. Some tough developer experience here. 🤔 #buildinpublic
To all the indiehackers - this is a useful resource -

Get beautiful screenshots like the ones on in seconds!
And best of all - for free! :)
How to fight against Prompt Injection in #chatgpt for developers.

Have it structured in a way so that if a user wants their own prompt - it entirely replaces your prompt!

#buildinpublic :) For the @IndieHackers and
@ProductHunt community
Just launched a way to extract data out of text with LLMS and returned with in any desired structure. DM me if you're interested :)