I tried to write a @digitalocean serverless function but ran into this.

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'error': 'There was an error processing your request.'}

No logs. A random code. Some tough developer experience here. πŸ€” #buildinpublic
To all the indiehackers - this is a useful resource -

Get beautiful screenshots like the ones on in seconds!
And best of all - for free! :)
How to fight against Prompt Injection in #chatgpt for developers.

Have it structured in a way so that if a user wants their own prompt - it entirely replaces your prompt!

#buildinpublic :) For the @IndieHackers and
@ProductHunt community
Just launched a way to extract data out of text with LLMS and returned with in any desired structure. DM me if you're interested :)

Just wondering with LLMs - what's the worst that can happen with prompt injection? They steal a prompt? Is that it? Or am I missing something?

#buildinpublic #llms #gpt4 #chatgpt #machinelearning
One thing I learned to be wary of - don’t rush product hunt launches. I rushed mine out and realised there were a tonne of bugs. The worst part? I had to wait 6 months for the next on due to the websites rules.

If you are currently using LLMs right now - have you struggled to get good results?

Started a changelog for our new product ;)

Full steam ahead with a new cofounder who just quit his job at @Google

Let's build! @jeffr_yyy

πŸ‘‡Feel free to DM if you're interested in adding semantic search to your apps!

Started a changelog for our new product ;)

Full steam ahead with a new cofounder who just quit his job at @Google

Let's build! @jeffr_yyy

New project. For developers this time! And with other developers. What do people think about our logo? :)

3 months into my indiehacker, entrepreneur journey

Total revenue: $20
Total costs: $3600 (Bought a macbook, Twitter Blue, annual)
Net Profit: -$ 3580
Experience: $priceless

We've officially started (slowly) rolling out access to people who signed up to our 3D website videos!

This makes launching beautiful videos incredibly easy!
Last chance to sign up for 50% off and early access!! πŸ”₯

As i'm building and launching, one thing I'm realising is I miss working in a team and building with co-founders. If you are interested - please do reach out and we can talk :)

Want a place to upload anonymous images for free? can help :)


Managed to get this end to end on the backend :)


Want early access? At a discounted rate? Join the waitlist here:
A free tier for #indiehacker community with Bonsai if you want an ElasticSearch offering. Great for hobby projects etc.

@nico_jeannen Finalising the user flow now for
- 1. Landing (CTA)
- 2. Create a video and upload things
- 3. Choose a package
- 4. Video gets generated and emailed to you

Backend: Blood, sweat, tears.
Frontend: 10 minutes but you feel very productive

Coming soon to!

Inspired by @nico_jeannen
He launched on PH in 7 days.
I started 2 days ago.
Goal is to also launch on PH in 5 days.
Will be tweeting updates as I go :)

Unfortunately, will be away for 3 of those days so that effectively means 2 days... πŸ€”

Let's do it.
@_nightsweekends @_buildspace
I'm building a new way to launch new products. Any guesses on what product this might be?
πŸ˜‰ @BowTiedRay
If you want to launch videos like these in 1 minute, you can sign up here: