Implementing a „delete“ functionality makes more sense when you actually have users which have a need for that use case. Same goes for pagination. Shave off every minute. #buildinpublic
„Is this really needed“ - a question we should ask ourself more often. before working on a feature. Shaving off every precious minute to built the important functionality. #buildinpublic
Holy cr*p, what a crazy sprint for RewoHub and Ahoystack 💪. Taking a breather and going to plan the next one.
#buildinpublic #buildinginpublic
When you are so eager to deliver a feature you accidentally take PROD down, ups. #buildinpublic
Scope Shaving in practice: Committed to implement a backlog per kanban board for RewoHub. Reordering is now out of scope (shaved off) to avoid jeopardizing the other goals of this iteration. Creating it's own ticket for it. #buildinginpublic #buildinpublic
Quick mockup for RewoHub's backlog MVP.Each kanban board has a separate backlog. Finished the backend yesterday, working on the frontend today. #buildinginpublic #buildinpublic
The MVP for kanban board backlogs on RewoHub is coming along fine. Today the back-end, tomorrow the front-end! 💪 #buildinpublic
You've heard about #Movember , but did you hear about #NoDomainDecember dear #buildinpublic ? For the length of December, no new domains or projects! All time has to be investing into improving and shipping existing projects. Are you disciplined enough?
What a sleepless night. Realized one of RewoHubs microservices had an odd data dependeny which just „grew over time“. Could fall asleep until I made sure I had a plan how to go forwards 🥱. #buildinpublic
Currently using a separate Kanban board with 1 column as "Backlog" on RewoHub. Not gonna lie, it kind of sucks. So let's build the MVP of a backlog! #buildinpublic
The Meetings App in RewoHub now let's you again call up to 5 people of your team. A bug 🐛 prevented you from inviting more than 2 people in a call. Ups 🙊 #buildinpublic
How it started vs now. Video conferencing with up to 5 people on RewoHub. #buildinpublic
Just realized I don‘t need to code up subscriptions with stripe in order to make the first #SaaS doller. Contact Us + Mailto + A DB flag should do the trick until it needs to scale. #buildinpublic
RewoHub old vs new landing page. I'm satisfied with the improvements after investing only 1h of work. #buildinpublic
RewoHub old vs new landing page. I'm satisfied with the improvements after investing only 1h of work. #buildinpublic
@yekalb Feedback and encouragement. The #buildinpublic community is extremely supportive. Love you people ❤️.
Having a million ideas for features is fantastic! Be proud to have such an imagination. Now focus and prioretize. Your next product is merely a stone throw away. #Entrepreneurship #buildinpublic
Man work kicked my a$$ today. Now to my second serving for my own #SaaS . I ❤️ the way it hurts. #buildinpublic
Serious question, how often do you update the dependencies of your #SaaS? #buildinpublic
What a morning! 3 PRs done for RewoHub and 3 for Ahoystack. Taking a short break to do some chores, then back to coding awesome stuff, wuhu! #buildinpublic