Part 2 of our new batch of comparison pages.

This one compares ZipMessage to 'Zoom Fatigue'.

'Zoom Fatigue' is real.

It's why we love async for our remote team and conversations with customers.

The 4 ways ZipMessage breaks 'Zoom Fatigue':
The first of a series of comparison pages for ZipMessage.

I'll post a thread for each one the rest of the week. Thoughts?

Loom led the way with sending video messages off to others.

We believe there's an opportunity for a different take. A more conversational approach to async.

The 3 ways ZipMessage differs from Loom:
"Competitor comparison" pages are this week's project.

Some of these aren't competitors though. More like "adjacents". The "vs." part is more situational.

Not making the case for "switching away" but rather, the situations when this is better.

Shipping soon... #buildinpublic
Rough wireframe for the refresh. No design work yet. Just drafting copy ideas with general page flow (all work in progress).

Planning the next iteration of marketing site.

Step 1: Site map.

Main navigation, Page URLs/titles, sections for each page, draft headlines copy.

THANK YOU for following along with this journey from start to exit.

My #BuildInPublic journey continues with @ZipMessageApp ๐Ÿ™‚