Part 1/3 Extended Child Nutrition Deficiency x Vitamin A

27/11/21 (#buildinpublic)

Topic: Zinc & Vitamin A are essential to creating retinol-binding proteins to prevent Vitamin A Deficiency. Without one or the other, absorption rates are low, risks elevate.

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There is more than 1 form of Vitamin A Intake. They're Retinol & Beta-Carotene. For supplementation, Beta-Carotene wins. . . narrowly.

26/11/21 (#buildinpublic) (#buildinginpublic)

This will be an extended note dump from today's deep grind. So enjoy :)

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Vitamin A is absorbed faster in the body than pills and you only need a smaller dose. But it has its own consequences.

25/11/21 (#buildinpublic)

- Fat-Soluble Vitamins
- Dietary Sources
- Comparison/Contrast
- Cost Differences
- Personal Thoughts on #buildinpublic

There Is A Way To Deliver A Maximum Amount Of Nutrients In A Short Amount Of Time: Liquid Oral Consumption.

Days #10 - #13 (#buildinpublic)

- Charging My Social Battery :)
- Best Vitamin A Micronutrient Absorption
- How Much Vitamin A Deficiency Is In🇧🇩

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