If one thing working really well and is in the momentum, then don't break it and leverage that by putting 10X more inputs and efforts.

in the beginning, working on 2 projects at the same time causes failure in both.

( if have a team then it makes sense)

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Please type 3 best #hastags you follow or use...

making a list of it and in the end, will share it with you.

my top 3 are

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For #Founders,

it's important to understand

80% of customers value reviews more than personal recommendations...

so add as many testimonials and reviews as you can...

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9 Proposals out in the last 3 days (Mon, Tue and today)

4 Response

3 meeting

2 potential long-term client

1 closed already

3 more days of the week are remaining

Know your numbers to save your mind from panics...

What do I provide?
I started with 0 followers.

currently have 23

I want to challenge myself to see how effectively I can grow this account and build a community.

My goal is 10k followers in 2 months.

Curious to see if I reach there?

Do you want your users to love your product and feature?

Then Write How-to Articles/Blogs about your product.

Human behavior: People love to read about things they use.

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How many of you use @NotionHQ to manage and schedule content?

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@buildinpublic 1. Writing Tech Blogs, FAQ, and User manual for Saas, the Tech startup Founder.

2. New technical writer hiring for the team.

I planned to work on Saturday.

Friends who do 9 to 5 are free and need my time.

So I also took a weekend off.

But no worries, before taking break solved 15 days old issue.

Can do fresh start this week.