Hey freelancers of #buildinpublic, what's your least favorite thing to do? Mine is communication, I like building stuff; talking about building stuff gets in the way of actually build the stuff. got me?
Long yet insanely productive day. Feels great to go through so many tasks. What do you use for tracking your tasks #buildinpublic?
Dealing with too many clients and projects at the same time isn't a good idea but sometimes it happens because of bad timing. How do you deal with too much work #buildinpublic?
Anyone with Shap-E / Point-E experience on #buildinpublic? #openai
What’s the best platform to host ML models? I’d have PyTorch scripts to run and they’d take ages on my Mac M1 so I’m looking for the best place performance/cost-wise. Anyone? #buildinpublic #indiehackers
I have to say, GitHub Copilot shines at analyzing the current file and reusing pieces of code in order to create what you tell it to do. Sometimes I hate it and sometimes it blows me away. It’s been increasingly a time saver. #buildinpublic
I haven’t been on Twitter for a few weeks, got overwhelmed with freelancing, me and the wife both got sick, it’s been quite a shitty month tbh but we’re slowly starting the engine again and we’re about to make a come back! Hope everyone’s been having a good time! #buildinpublic
Who’s on #buildinpublic is using English as a second language? And what is your primary language?
Any good solutions for freelancers that feature project/task tracking (with time tracking), invoicing and messaging? #buildinpublic
After a week of GitHub Copilot I have to say I’m not impressed at all 🤷🏻‍♂️ in my current nodejs project it never gave any good suggestion 🤔 I’d never pay for it and it made appreciate TabNine more. Maybe I’m using it wrong? #buildinpublic
Happy Sunday y’all 👋 what are you up to? #buildinpublic
Haven't even realized I crossed 600 followers! 🥳 what a great bunch of people we are on #buildinpublic thanks y'all!
Any interesting podcasts to listen to while working? #buildinpublic
5 churned subscribers in under 3 days 😭 I'm starting to get what fellow #buildinpublic members when they say that selling to consumers is a rollercoaster. 1 user changed a 5 stars reviews into 3 stars as a "feature suggestion" "do this and i might give 4 or 5 stars back" 🤬
Haven't done anything productive on #buildinpublic this week. Been hustling on freelancing non-stop, hope everyone's doing great! Can't wait to be back on my projects...
Happy Monday #buildinpublic 👋 any new indiemakers I should be following?
What's your favorite tool as a developer? #buildinpublic
What’s your favorite way to market your projects #buildinpublic?
Is there any legit competitor to Notion? That supports most of what Notion does. With a good on-boarding featuring an importer? #buildinpublic
Who on #buildinpublic uses an AI copilot with their code editor?