No clients is frustrating.

But, this is the first time I actually do the work and ask the customers.

I feel like I am building skills and confidence.

I have been marketing a product with only a Figma mockup.

The product:
A customized micro-landing page for Israeli freelancers, it’s based on a monthly subscription.

Here is a breakdown of my Target Audience, Findings and Future Strategy:

#buildinpublic #indiehackers
YES! Apparently DM’ing people that ask for a website on Facebook groups works! Even if they got like 30+ offers

Got a paying client for a small job.

So happy

Marketing Efforts:

Found an index with local lawyers, sent a semi-personalized email/fb msg to those who don’t have a website.

Using notion to track responses/ignores.

So far, received one fierce
“Not Interested,


I rebuilt my one-man agency landing page from Webflow to NextJs.

Now I need to capture form submissions … I’m thinking Notion API, thoughts?

Is building a digital agency in public a thing?