More social proof y’all πŸŽ‰

Thanks a bunch @j_shareable πŸ™Œ

The other day I read about Giving-A-Shit-As-A-Service on Hackernews

πŸ’― could relate

Genuine care is a win for the customer/employer and you

It builds trust and means you'll go the extra mile

It sets you apart from most

Key to show in offering/copy/reviews

9 months since I got my first customer.

They're still with me.

Retention >> Acquisition

9 months since I got my first customer.

They're still with me.

Retention >> Acquisition

Last-minute emergency job today 🚨
My πŸ€–s gave up.

This kind of stuff hits different when it’s your own thing.

Stressful. But in a good way.

Back on the email marketing today

I had stopped sometime ago (stupidly) and have a better grasp now after studying lots of examples

Frameworks are a godsend.
Starting from a blank page is usually a waste of time for me

Try writing a sales pitch about your biz and you'll know if you've nailed it

I always do the landing page copy before everything else so I can spot holes right away

Same for email marketing etc

Steelmanning not strawmanning

Huge time and πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’° saver

Neediness is the biggest turnoff for clients ❌

And if you get clients that way they may well NOT be the ones you want

It sounds simple but finding clients who are good for you long-term isn’t

Your landing page needs to instantly grab attention. You have a few seconds max.

Moved social proof above the fold so it hits right away.

2/ A clear & intriguing Hero section.

Put your most powerful persuaders in this area.

Most people don’t scroll down on product pages.

Visitors should be able to understand exactly what outcome to expect from using your product & what problem it solves.
Another month, aka

Another 500 potential customers for your B2B biz πŸ€‘

Currently out with a cold.
Headache, coughing, feeling πŸ’©, all that jam.

And conveniently just when the next list is due πŸ˜‘

Solopreneurship has its downsides.

Planning to reinvest all profits this month to upskill in marketing.

Starting with Ben Settle's Email Players newsletter.

LFG! πŸ”₯

New testimonial up!

Great working with you @raulkaevand, appreciate it! πŸ™Œ

Email sequence content pretty much done!
Some more polishing and it’s good to go.

I should also reconsider my tools.
I use MailerLite for email marketing but as I’m learning more about it I might need a change.

Will start a new campaign next week!

Lacked the headspace/time for creative work today.

What needs doing:

1. Simplify lead magnet (too custom rn)
2. Set up nurture sequence


3. Outreach campaign + newsletter promo

I want some draft of 2. by Sunday 😧

It'll be tight but create momentum

Back from traveling, aka the best idea-generating process

Now onto picking up where I left off for this week and setting myself up for next

LFG! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

Easy way to improve your landing page copy:

- go to
- Enter 2-3 competitor URLs
- Browse through their history
- Be inspired ✨

You’ll have ideas for days πŸš€

With some marketing channels, not having a product is kinda impossible IMHO.

You can usually use the channel to find a product.
Ask your list. Do calls. Etc.

Whereas the reverse is usually not true.

Next time I’ll go channel-first.

Got a TON of freebies from sales/marketing Twitter ✨

- Swipe files
- Mini courses
- Templates

Just a matter of following the right people ❀️

I’m now prioritising and working down the list. Should only take years πŸ˜…

Will share the best

First testimonial up πŸ‘€
More should follow soon!