I'm really happy about the progress I have made working on the French Together mobile app today.

And I'm even happier about the neighbours' cat coming for a visit.

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After telling myself I should learn how to code for more than a decade, I finally did it in and launched the French Together app in June 2022.

Here are some stats 6 months in:

- 1,100 trial signups
- 55.6% trial to paid
- $51,413 in sales.
- $17,294 expenses

Back to work after the holidays!

This week's goal is to add a much requested feature to French Together: Family/Group plans.

I'm quite excited to release this because it will help me expand the revenue I get from existing users.

Today for the first time ever, I removed a feature from the French Together app.

I coded it quickly after a user requested it but didn't think it through and it ended up causing lots of issues.

Back to the drawing board!
Any indie founders and #buildinpublic folks on Mastodon?

Reply with your username! :)
October is over and I missed my MRR goal but not by much.

On the plus side:

- 143% increase in trial signups
- Churn down from 9.5% to 6.6%
- Lots of lessons learned (see link in next tweet)

I have a good feeling about November :).

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My goal for October was to reach 500 students and £4k MRR.

It looks like it may happen :)

#buildinpublic #SaaS
My goal for October was to reach 500 students and £4k MRR.

I'm curious to see if it will happen.

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Lots of French Together students cancel because they find it hard to find the right lessons for their level.

So today I added a filter by level on the lessons page. A tiny change that was surprisingly hard to implement and will hopefully reduce churn.

Me: feeling proud of the app I designed.
Students: I can't even figure out how to go to the next lesson, please cancel.

The student decided not to cancel after I showed her how to navigate between lessons but this is clearly a huge UX fail.

Just got a new chargeback. Especially annoying considering I have a 60-day moneyback guarantee and they could just have asked for a refund.

A few years ago, I wrote a sales page that has since generated $100k+ in revenue for French Together. After all these years, I felt like it was time to improve it.

Old page:
New page:

Here are the changes I made:

3 months after launching the French Together app and I'm almost at £3,000 MRR.

Growth has been slower than expected but at least it's going up :).

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Second launch scheduled for the French Together app!

By the end of next week I will either think I'm on top of the world or cry uncontrollably.

July is almost over and I missed my revenue goal by quite a bit. On the plus side:

- 17% MRR increase £2,089 => £2,443
- 115 trial signups. 70% trial to paid
- Several emails from students saying they love the app and are already seeing results

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My current visitor to trial conversion rate sucks (0.06%)

So today I'm trying something new. Instead of turning visitors into email subs and email subs into trial users, I added a CTA bar directing visitors to the sales page directly.

Let's see how it converts!

I just realized the MRR calculation in @ProfitWell includes annual sales. Makes sense in retrospect but it means my revenue for this month will be a lot lower than I thought.

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Still recovering from COVID so I focused on small but useful tasks this week:

- Switching to the same font (Sofia Pro) for the FT blog and app so it looks coherent
- Improving my home office because my current setup kills my back
- Ordering a HÅG Capisco chair