Convivial: friendly, lively, and enjoyable.

The atmosphere within the Coworking hub in Bali, Indonesia was extremely convivial.

Taking regular surf breaks with fellow digital nomads world was undoubtedly a factor…

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‘Torpid’: mentally or physically inactive; lethargic

The agile sprint demanded everything he had. He lay draped atop the keyboard, in a torpid state.

'Next time I'll remember to take breaks'..

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‘Outré’: unusual and typically rather shocking.

The realisation struck him like a slap across the face:
“I... I’ve spent the last year on an outré start-up idea and all I had to do was find an average app and improve it!*”

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‘Minutiae’: the small, precise, or trivial details of something

Once again the solo SaaS start-up founder was lost, deep in the minutiae of additional features.

Though the irony of being a lost founder was not lost on him.

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‘Sybaritic’: fond of sensuous luxury or pleasure; self-indulgent.

The bootstrapped founder could only hope and pray that one day his work would result in a better lifestyle, if not a sybaritic one.

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'Ichor': the fluid that flows like blood in the veins of the gods. | a watery discharge from a wound.

The bootstrapped founders cash outflowed like ichor to his bloated tech stack - runway becoming shorter by the minute.

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'Dissemble': conceal or disguise one's true feelings or beliefs.

The bootstrapped founder smiled, dissembling his true emotional distress at the cluster f*ck he had created.

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'Avarice': extreme greed for wealth or material gain.

If he was to be honest with himself; avarice played at least some part in his decision to become a bootstrapped founder.

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'Acquiesce': accept something reluctantly but without protest.

The bootstrapped founder acquiesced to the low-ball offer for their start-up – after all, there are only so many tuna sandwiches one can eat.

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'Archetype': a very typical example of a certain person or thing.

The bootstrapped founder spent all of his time on features and not on marketing; the very archetype of the Indie Hacker.

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'Cruft': badly designed, unnecessarily complicated, or unwanted code or software.

It may be better to ship full of cruft rather than to strive for perfection and likely never ship at all...

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'Perfunctory': (of an action) carried out without real interest, feeling, or effort.

The bootstrapped start-up founder’s marketing efforts were perfunctory at best.

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'Malodorous': smelling very unpleasant

When I work around the clock on my start-up, in the same clothes - like some sort of modern-day Howard Hughes; there is a great risk of becoming Malodorous.

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'Efficacy': the ability to produce a desired or intended result.

When I spend all of my time building new start-up features instead of practicing the dark arts of marketing it results in big ideas with lower efficacy.

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Tenets: a principle or belief, especially one of the main principles of a religion or philosophy.

By regularly reviewing basic tenets of bootstrapping, I am less likely to become the Bootstrapped Hamster: repeating mistakes.

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Tacit: understood or implied without being stated.

That I'd prefer to be managing a profitable, purpose led start-up was tacit knowedge.

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This week sucked because I forgot it's a marathon, not a sprint... 😖

🐢> 🐇

Any new @RoamResearch users out there?

I was super frustrated by attempting to organise 'marketing insights' into a linear note taking framework that was actually useful... - a networked thought framework feels infinitely more intutive 🤔

I know it's gonna be a long day that starts with '+100' in my 'Clearing'🙈

But, no regrets from my month long EOY sabbatical - feeling fresh, keen and ready-to-rock!
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My content strategy last year was as fragmented as my income 😬

But I did some of the best work of my life, and learned more in 12 months than the 5 years prior 🔥

Year 2 of this journey is all about connecting the dots and I'm puuuumped!

Poor, but pumped 😂