A lot of improvements on the design of SAPYEN, our news platform for various AI news (still in beta btw). I wonder if it is clear for users that the menu bars are scrollable.. perhaps I should add a little arrow on the right of the menu bars? 🤔
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Is there a newsletter service which works directly with PayPal (for paid subscriptions) without using an intermediate service like Zapier? Most newsletter services only provide Stripe but I don't want to add a new payment platform as I already work with PayPal. #buildinpublic
What are the best and most commonly used AI tools for Marketing? Somebody must have studied this already before I bet. #buildinpublic #aitools #Marketing
I remember there were some #SaaS logo creators in the #buildinpublic groups. Perhaps this is an interesting article for you? --> Best Free AI Logo Makers of 2023, by Prathamesh Ingle from MarkTechPost.… #AI #LogoDesigns #LogoDesign #GraphicDesigner
Is there a 100% free webservice where I can convert a website to an Android and iOS app in a few clicks? Most I see charge an x amount per month for this.

Help from fellow builders appreciated! #buildinpublic #webdev
Currently reading: Now AI can design a whole website from a text prompt, by Joseph Foley from Creative Bloq.… #AI #buildinpublic #websitedevelopment #Website #artificalintelligence
Is there a CSS setting/filer I can use this white image and make it work/look better in dark mode? It has too much white in it currently white works nice in light mode but still doesn't look good in my dark mode theme.

#CSS #buildinpublic
Built a news aggregator the last few weeks while on holiday. News all related to #AI technology, AI journalism, design, education and what more. Visit for more information, feedback welcome.

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Can anyone give me more insights in all the different types of licenses (perpetual, floating license, etc)? How to calculate those and what is most common? #buildinpublic #salestips
Anyone familiar with Website Optimization in CPanel?

I wonder if you can select only a certain group of files/folders for gzipping and if you can undo it again afterwards for any editing if needed?

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How much should a customized Terms of Use / Terms & Conditions cost for an SaaS?

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Launching my promo video for one of my services,

Feedback is welcome, I can still tweak some things & ofcourse always open for a conversation about circular design.

#sustainability #sustainabledesign #CircularEconomy #Sustainable #buildinpublic
Building my Terms of Use for my service. What do you have? Any templates perhaps? #buildinpublic
I am building a platform where people/designers can look up human body dimensions but still struggling with a good name for it. What could be a nice name for that? Please give me some ideas! #buildinpublic
Hi #buildinpublic,
A lot of us are using #Notion which is an amazing service (and I should use it much much more!). However, what don't you like about Notion? Why don't you use it? Interested in your feedback.
Hey #buildinpublic,
Is it possible to encrypt images (BLOB or file) in such a way it is still readable by users but unreadable if server gets hacked?
Trying to validate my #SaaS. Next to I guess the more common UI questions, what are the big relevant questions you always put in your survey for validating your idea/concept/proposal/demonstrator? #buildinpublic #buildinginpublic
Finally, validation of my #SaaS with people in the professional field is upon us in the coming weeks (and pics coming later)! #buildinpublic
Making something difficult is easy. Making something easy is difficult.
Just before validating with a small group of testers, I decided to take my #SaaS for a test drive and learned, being in the shoes as a user myself after all my hard work, that I still had weeks of development left to do. Getting there though! #buildinpublic #designandergonomics