Build a prototype with #nocode.

That's it. That's the tweet.

“The fastest code is the code which does not run. The code easiest to maintain is the code that was never written.”

- Robert Galanakis

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How to add and configure a countdown timer block - Banaa Website Builder

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

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Make mistakes faster.
- Andrew Grove, Intel Co-founder

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You can now remove the image file from your media gallery.
A lot of use our users were asking for this and now it's done.

Would love to get some more feedback to improve the product

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Now you can rearrange and move images of your product listings on Banaa ECommerce Headless CMS

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Set up Gradient Background for any element of the block (Earlier you could change the background image and colour - latest addition is the gradient)

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Most of us have already experienced this and many are experiencing it right now

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How to link an image on Banaa Builder. You can now link to an external URL, interal page or a block on the same page

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Want to try out Banaa for free?

We've introduced a free plan for those looking to play around with the builder

You can now subscribe to our free plan here -

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